Quin NFN “Thotiana Remix” (WSHH Exclusive – Official Music Video)

This beat is really getting treated like a thotiana 💀😂 this one fire tho🔥!!! Kind of remind me of the G Hebro / Three 6 Mafia ‘ who run it ‘ that got passed around.. I done bumped this shit a few times! This is the RAWEST ONE I heard yet! Quin NFN Bodied this jawn. He was talking it. Quin NFN finally made it on worldstar 💣. He got a few joints that I rock with. This was better than the actual song though. He was still going crazy when he was mumbling at the end🚫. Straight sauce right here! I know he got more he cooking. 



Splice Sama -Jasmine (Dark City) Official Music Video [NSFW]

This is some heat right here🔥🔥. I was debating on throwing this up for a few days but I realized this shit type mean. The visuals on this joint was crazy! Splice was giving off nothing but vibes. Even though he was singing, he still was still talking that shit. The Production was just right for this jawn! This single is off Splice’s project titled “Dark City Vacation” which is fire & available on all streaming platforms. This whole joint is Straight sauce!

Lil Durk “Chiraqimony” (WSHH Exclusive – Official Music Video)

Listen! Durk back on his shit fr. Durk is only one from drill 🌊 who went the label route and prevailed after they tried to play him. He still got that 🔥 too! He’s been doing his thing since his new deal with Alamo/300. The streets love this! Even though Kodak Black Testimony is probably one of the realest/best songs of our generation, you can only remix it and make it better if you got the sauce. Durk was talking it on this jawn. Best line : I rather do 100 years than see my mom hurt.  Durk really had the best comeback of all time lowkey because Durk would be way bigger if he would’ve never signed the first time. Let’s keep it real, at the height of the 300 movement Durk was basically the side kick. Keef was on, Reese was popping, but nobody really cares about Durk. Now he’s one of the biggest Chicago rappers. You gotta respect the consistency. This is straight sauce! 

Omelly – On My Last (Official Video)

Omelly finally gives us visuals for his new jawn ” On My Last ” & its fire. Omelly definitely in my top 10 outta philly when it comes to projects. My favorite project of his is ” On My Time 2 ” which i consider a classic. I still bump that till this day.. Omelly still rap like he hungry and thats what drives me to him. This jawn was dope asf tho. He be talking that talk. Straight Sauce!

Yung Bleu “Running With The Wolves” (Official Music Video)

Yung Bleu be dropping straight bangers. This joint right here is fire. I always thought and still thinks he’s one of the most underrated artists out. His autotune is off the wall in this. I feel like very soon and even now we can kinda compare him to Lil Baby when it comes to quality.. I don’t even listen to Baby like that but I fucks with Bleu heavy.. This that sauce though! He dropping hits after hits on the low. HE NEED MORE CREDIT!

Lil Mouse – Back and Forth (Official Music Video)

My boy still got it! Mouse still here and her going nuts. This is definitely Top 5 when talking about his new shit. I’ve been listening to Mouse since I was 15/16. Don’t forget he had a hit as a youngin. Mouse never blew up like he was supposed to that’s wild. He not falling off rap wise but his popularity is sadly. Mouse got alot more heat coming and he getting better with his material. He was talking his shit all through this. All facts tho. Mouse still got the sauce. This that work! The only rapper I saw blossom, but didn’t get his recognition. This shit fire!


Real Recognize Rio – “Buddy Dem” (Official Video)

Aww shit! Rio did it again! This my shit right here.. Soon as i was, i clicked. Rio nice lowkey and be having hits on the low. The Atlanta artist been doing his thing for awhile now. I was souped when he dropped this cous i been waiting for this! This give me Money Bag vibes and i don’t even listen to MoneyBaggYo.. This my shit right here. ” Buddy Dem ” gonna definitely have you coming out ya seat. This a banger! Straight Sauce from Rio..

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