Heavy on it! Now if you ask me, this joint right here is something different. Not even gonna lie, this joint caught me off guard & wasn’t really into it after I seen the a piece of it but this is some heat🔥🔥! This joint underrated asf. Different vibe rightContinue Reading

I know I’m a little late on this but you know this joint had to hit the blog! Bando went off on this lowkey. That beat crazy. He’s actually treating this song like its light work. Definitely One of New York’s hottest artists on the rise right now. I caughtContinue Reading

This jawn something serious! 🔥 Crown Heights Finest Swaze going in something different! Swaze & Don Q caught a body with this one right here, straight up BANGER. Since it’s Don Q you know the beat is straight fire. Swaze been putting on for Sterling all year. straight from theContinue Reading