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Listen! I had to get this out the drafts. I did my homework on SK a little bit & I can definitely say, he got St. Louis on his back right now. He always been nice but this joint right here different. I feel like he found his flow with this one. This is his style fr! Somebody Need to put him with Buckz on a collab EP or mixtape. It ain’t gonna get nomore Authentic than Buckz & SK with ST. Louis trap. He sauced on on this jawn though, LITERALLY! You definitely gonna run this back a few times. Straight sauce right here!

La4ss f/ AMR Dee Huncho – Trap Nigga (Official Music Video)

This jawn is heavy! St. Louis really turnt right now. This the 4ss I was waiting for🔥🔥. Remember, i first heard about LA4ss years ago and i always thought/still think he got star potential. I love it ❤🔥 especially The Energy. The only song that I really fuck with  💯really since he been out of jail. He straight snapped on this joint. Dee Honcho did his thing on this too. They should catch some steam with this. This that sauce right here!

Rallo – “Eviction Notice” (Official Video)

Ain’t even gone front when i clicked i kinda slept but Rallo woke me up with this. He snapped on this jawn from beginning to end. I feel like he’s one of the hottest artists coming outta St. Louis if not the hottest. Replayed it like 20x already lol..  Rallo Sauced on em with this one! He applying pressure and i love it. Straight sauce!