Mauley G x Rah Swish x Fetty Luciano – Word To My Granny

This is shit is fire! I’m loving this energy 🤫 them bliccys getting scared! 🌀 Mauley G did his thing on this jawn! He was talking his shit, BIG shit i might add lol.. Rah Swish is my guy fr! He been one of my favorite upcoming artists for awhile..  I think he body almost everything he get on, ESPECIALLY features. Once he said “Hold on GLTTT BOWW LET ME CHECK WHAT TIME MY FLIGHT LEAVE” his verse became a homicide. Rah going for the King Of NY soon, WATCH! Fetty snapped on this jawn too though. This shit went crazy, i needed this before 2019.. Straight Sauce!


CityBoy Willis – All In My Head [EP]

City Boi Willis is a rising artist from LA even though he’s been in Sacramento for 10 years. He just dropped his EP on me. I listened to it a few times and he’s pretty good. My few songs Im fucking with on this EP are ” Puttin’ In Work, Hustle that muscle (Interlude), & Tryna get my shit right.” The whole jawn is good though from start to finish.. He’s been doing his thing for awhile now and he’s looking to make want to make music full time. He has another EP called Live & Learn available on every platform!! City got a 5 song EP called Hidden Agenda coming soon!! With 2 more projects in the works, he’s keeping the music coming trying to elevate and motivate. He wants to tour high schools to perform/mentor and promote a motivational message to the youth. Currently, working on several films and web series as well.. He’s planning to transition into film. A spontaneous artist and with a ton of goals. His eyes wide open and he saucing his way up slowly. This project was a good listen. 

The Marksmen Ft. Fat Trel – “STEP ASIDE”

The Marksmen linked up with Fat Trel for this lowkey banger ” Step Aside “. The Marksmen did they thing on this jawn. The visuals had me locked in. It definitely help that Fat Trel was apart o this because i clicked when i saw his name. Fat Trel went off as usual. Since he came home, he just been killing shit. Definitely need more credit as an artist who’s been dropping quality heat all year.. They was talking they shit on this jawn. Straight Sauce!

Young Costamado x Dee Savv – “Folk in The Trunk Pt 2” (Official Music Video)

This the most disrespectful song I ever heard in my life ‼️🔥🔥. Young Costamado & Dee Sav went nuts on this jawn! Dee Savv stay going in on shit. I blogged about his last jawn that he bodied. New York drill is the best drill💯. THIS IS BEYOND ME, THEY DISRESPECTFUL DISRESPECTFUL!! I NEVAA SEEN THIS SIDE OF DEE SAVV EVER IN MY LIFE! Straight Sauce!

FBG Young – “Who Dat” (Official Music Video)

Awwww mann! This shit Brazy right here! FBG Young out here going off. This track is off FBG Young’s Trap Gear Mixtape. Young really been go crazy since FBG took off & he dropping movies too!🔥 FBG YOUNG take over is here. I got a little feeling he about to start applying pressure real soon. His whole project “Trap Gear” is fire. He saucing his way up slowly but he getting there.. FBG got the sauce right now and this that work!! SauceUp2x!

Jake Tha Face – I Ain’t Been Okay

My guy Jake Tha Face still on his bully. Coming from a small town outta Nebraska. Fully independent and underground Jake been on his grind saucing his way up the ranks.. His single ” Im a Target ” which is fire  is available on all streaming sites. He just release a dope new single “I Ain’t Been Okay” & looks like he coming back around the sauce train. More sauce to come from Jake. Been going hard for 3 years now. Only performing a few times around his areas, he’s learning the game fast and making moves.. This is not the last we we hear from Jake. Straight Sauce! Make sure you keep up with him on twitter/instagram – @JakeThaFace

Kiing Shooter x Jay Rozay – Sicko Remix (Official Video)

Shooter linked up with Rozay again for this body! Rozay did what he had to do but Kiing Shooter caught another one. He be talking his shit. It’s about time Shooter up next. All he gotta do is stay consistent and persistent. Had to play his verse back a few times. He making New York look good… Keep it coming. Straight sauce! 


My guy SAY! This my shit right here. Straight banger for the hood. I felt almost every word in this bihhh. The rising NY artist dropped a project titled “BLUECHEE$E” with this song included and that was solid work. Anxious to see how bro put this music shit together + how far he’s willing to go. I got put on to him by another NY artist that i been fucking with for the past few years.. This jawn was one of the first ones i heard and when i heard it, I knew he might have some shit up his sleeve. This real New York! Straight sauce!

The Lit Tape EP By Offset Zay

Offset Zay is a rising hip-hop artist out of Newman Georgia. He started his rap career recording songs off an iPod, recorded his first song at his friends studio, and when his brother Maurice (YB) heard it, he was inspired to push and manage him as an artist. Offset Zay a.k.a OZ has spent the next 3 years mastering his artistry and developing his original sound. He is currently managed under BallSTARZ Entertainment which is, ran, and managed by his brother (YB). They currently have a distribution deal with Bentley Records based in New York. Through this distribution deal Offset Zay has 3 singles available on iTunes, Apple Music, and all major streaming platforms with more to come. He got some good work. Good potential and he got bars.. Definitely a project to check out. Make sure you stay with him on social media [IG]: @ozthebrand [SC]: Tballer1657 [Twitter]: @ozthebrand [FB]: Offset Zay


Aw man! This Track 🔥! I just scrolling through my IG & seen the clip for this vid and was like ” I gotta hear this shit “. This put my in my feelings a lil bit. This is definitely something that would set the hood off. Nothing but bars and realness through this whole jawn. Cam saucing his way up slowly. Im loving what he doing right now. This probably his best song yet. Definitely a new artist to watch for. Straight Sauce!

Rah Swish – Lifestyle (Official Music Video)

My Guy Rah Swish back with another one. Straight BODIED this jawn 🔥. One of my favorite rappers on the come up. He been doing this thing for awhile now. He Definitely Top 3 in his weight(rap) class coming outta NY. The visuals to this are dope asf & i love how they was throwing shots in the beginning of the video lol. This is the culture He’s up to something though because he been doing alot behind the scenes. Can’t wait to see whats in stored for us from Swish.. He always talking his shit. Straight sauce!