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Welcome 2 Da Stardy (Pop Smoke – Welcome To The Party Freestyle)

Pop never disappoint. Just the person I wanted to see on one of these… Pop  came on this jawn giving pressure 🔥🔥. Give it some time, he’s gonna be top 10 in NY pretty soon. He always spitting bars no matter if its a freestyle or song. His project “Do More Sayless” was bananas! Definitely one of my fav new rappers on the come up! I seen the snippet on Instagram & was like I definitely need this! I already done posted the other Remixes with Fivio, Jay Dee, Poppa Da Don & P Gutta. Pop smoke got New York going crazy with this. It was only right East New York get busy on this. Pop got busy! He saucing his way up slowly.. He was talking real heavy! What New York Sound Like! Straight Sauce!


Big Moose – Suge G Mix (Official Music Video)

Moose Money 🔥!  This joint too crazy!! Big cuz putting on for jersey heavy! Since he’s actually only 45 mins away from me, his music has definitely passed my ears a few times and I’m kinda a fan. Just waiting on a project from him to see where he’s really at with this music. Definitely a top 10 artist coming out of Jersey. His flow be crazy when he op on tracks. He bodied this jawn. It had to hit the blog asap. It’s already in my spotify playlist going crazy. This could be as big as his magnolia freestyle which was crazy! This gonna have the streets jumping this summer. Moose Money got another one with this. That sauce right here!



Tay 600 – “ Exposing Me ” (Official Video)

He brought the beat back with this one. This was kinda getting old fast until Tay caught a body with this jawn🔥. It’s Crazy How Memo Original Is The Worst Version Of The Song Lol. He just went crazy as expected though 💯. Tay600 got the hardest remix besides FBG Duck & Rooga. His remixes be crazy. The best rapper from 600 & that’s a fact! How ironic that he dropped this on lil Marc birthday which was type funny. He threw a few shots on this joint too! This is drill music at its finest. He always go off for LA so he will forever have my respect. In the name of LA, I see Tay I click. Folks still one of the greatest from Chicago. Straight sauced on this!

Exposing Me Remix – Kali the Goon x Sosa Geek (Official Music Video)

Extreme talent coming from New York foreal!! This song is definitely getting old but its always dope to see artists hop on this and actually sauce on this joint! Big GDK vibes! That boy kali went crazy on this jawn🔥! Sosa did this thing as well.. I expected more from Sosa but this was still lit 🔥! New York Drill so much better than Chicago Drill to me because I feel where they coming from a bit more being from jersey. New York needs to be the main center for the hip hop culture! Hopefully, this happens this year! I definitely enjoyed this sauce mix. They sauced  on this heavy!

Pook Paperz – So Freestyle (Official Video)

Ayo REAL WRAP That guy Pook been going off lately it seem. This my favorite Freestyle by him NO CAP! The Philly native been going hard dropping quality music all year. Definitely one of my favorite spitters from 215. This jawn right here is heavy! Pook still one of the best out!! I honestly can’t wait for his project  ‘Feel My Pain 3’ drop. Shit gonna be another classic.. Long as he keep saucin, doing his thing I will be here covering the heat. This got me in my duffle a little bit. Straight Sauce!


Lil X – Some Nights Remix (Official Music Video)

Sauce Mix! This jawn right here is dope. I love to see young artists on the come up especially when they talking some real shit. The rising Chicago artist X did his thing from the beginning to end. Ain’t even gonna lie, I was waiting for another artist to remix this. This beat hard as hell & the more I kept listening to X go off the more i was really saluting G Herbo & Southside for this song. If any artist was to get on this, they would have to go hard and X did just that. Everything was coming from the heart and he was snapping.! Im rocking wit his wave. He got some music out right now and he getting better. Can’t wait to hear the new shit. Definitely an artist to watch.. Straight Sauce!

A Pressure Rumors (Official Music Video)

I’ve watched this so many times, this shit really mean. A Money did his thing on this one. He still going off and on his grind as usual. He definitely addressing “RUMORS”…  He sauced on this bitch… Im rocking with this one.

Lyrical Fess Up – Young Lito (Episode 8)

Ain’t even gonna hold you but this jawn fire. This made my day a little better than what it is. Lito snapped on this and he going over Beanie Sigel’s classic “Feel It In The Air” so it was only right he go off.. I felt like he was talking to me from beginning to end. Lito used be with Troy Ave until something happened but Troy Ave a rat anyways sooo… You can tell all his shit was coming from the heart that what made it even more fire. He was talking his shit. The culture needed this foreal! Straight sauce!


My guy Skillz is on his way. His flow cold when he touch shit. This beat and the “stay woke” jawn are the most realest beats this year in my opinion. Not just any artist can get on and when you do get on, you gotta talk your shit/tell your story. I been rocking with Skillz since his last lowkey hit “High As Shit”.. He definitely got the sauce.. All he gotta do is keep working bring that heat to the surface. Love to see young artists coming outta the trenches. I can relate. This man is lyrically a problem & I can’t wait till his project “Progress Outta Pain” drop. I got a good feeling about it. This was heavy tho. It wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t. Straight sauce.

Nick Blixky – Hurry up (Official Music Video)

Lets just set this straight Nick blixky is fire. The first time I heard this, I wasn’t really feeling this jawn. I feel like it could’ve been better tho. I hope he never touches a beat like this or sings like this again. Im fucking with it tho & can’t believe it really.. He definitely showed his versatility on this. He got me on this shit with that 2nd verse. Its so funny because the snippet was trash this is firee once you smoke one and bump. This His Best Song Since Upset 🔥. He lowkey did his thing on this. It been on repeat the past few days. Nick saucing in this bihh! lol


J-Millz – Stay Woke Freestyle (Official Music Video)

I saw the flag and thought he was about to do drill but J-Millz went off! Finally some bars with matching energy. Best drill type shit I’ve heard in a long time. First Meek got down on this, then VADO caught a body on this, now it really got tortured.🔥 He talking some real shit on this jawn. One of the best flowtastic visuals yet in my opinion. It was only right this hit the blog. I wouldn’t sleep on him at all. This is notice! He saucing his way up slowly. This it!

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