Lambo The Godd “Respect” (Official Music Video) (Prod. King Wonka)

This my joint right here! Ain’t even gonna lie, I caught a snippet of him of him performing this in the studio and was like he’s a must watch. He was going off. So, you know I been waiting for this. He got a few joints unreleased that I’ve heard & they are straight heat. . I feel like bro in his own lane with his music. Nobody not talking it how he talking it. His voice give you chills. 🔥 He ahead of his time creating tracks like these fr! It’s like he be coming from the heart. One of my favorite joints on the blog right now. Definitely an artist to watch! Lambo The Godd is an 19 year old upcoming artist coming outta  Evansville, IN! This joint “Headache” is his second single from his debut album, “My Time.” This is his first official studio album, and it’s on its way. It will be released along with a plethora of videos. He just speaking on being in his environment and getting out. Straight sauce! 



Zach Smith fire! This is a preview of his joint “NERVOUS” that’s out right now on all streaming platforms. I don’t even know where to start but yeah, I came across him on the gram & wanted to see more. He got a mean catalog. Everything he been dropping has been fire! He from Louisiana & with most of the artists there, it seem like everybody sound the same. This was kinda refreshing because it wasn’t expected. Definitely an Artist 2 Watch! He had me everywhere for a little bit. He kind of raps like Kevin Gates but remind me of JuiceWorld, Clever, with like a splash of the WKND. He can actually rap & sing. He be talking that talk. Loving his content. Definitely waiting on more music to surface but this joint will be in my “InTheSauceWeTrust” Spotify playlist. His voice is mean & how he put his work together is dope. He got the sauce low-key. Underrated. Straight sauce right here though!

FBG Duck This Morning (Official Music Video)

Duck been on his bully since 2018 honestly. They still ain’t gonna give the man his credit for another classic. I been a fan since day #1 when Clout Lord aka King Lil Jay was the top dog on his side. ONLY REAL PEOPLE KNOW THIS A “KING VON – COUSINS” RESPONSE DISS,


Duck killed it on this jawn as he know this beat hard as hell. This song go hard & it’s humorously funny. Absolutely love the video. Some people just got it musically & Duck is just one of them people. He straight sauced on this!

Star Born – Die Young (Freestyle)

I ain’t gone lie, I was feeling this when it dropped. The Homie Star Born sauced on this bitch heavy. Nothing but facts he was talking. This got me in my bag something light. He was definitely talking that talk. I had to listen to it a few times to see if it was really what it was. Star Born did his thing on this jawn. Straight Sauce!

Young Gots – Faithful / My Grind (Music Video)

My fault, I know I’m a little late covering this. Had to listen to this a few times to really see whats up. Young Gots talking his shit on this jawn. I seen this down my instagram TL & The snippet was hard. He’s an artist on the rise from Jersey and he doing his thing right now. Visuals was on point, everything was right. I like this lowkey banger right here. He sauced on this jawn heavy! Straight Drip. 

Dabbla – F.U.T.D Prod. by SUMGii

dabbla, sumgii, futd, fuck up the party, hip hop, UK hip hop, london, rap

Following on from a hype performance at the High Focus party in Bristol recently, Dabbla drops the video for ‘Fuck Up The Party’ produced by SUMGii. Lifted from the upcoming ‘Death Moves’ due for release 1 October, this track is dope and quite possibly one of the, if not the, hottest tracks from the UK in recent years. Check out the video below, we see Dabbla meeting a crashed robot using some mad CGI.

Sylva Grey – The Shade

London, UK, based music collective, Dusty Stragglers, member Sylva Grey drops a new visual for ‘The Shade.’ The video for the track is dope, real psycadelic vibes in the visual as well as the lyrical content. The vibes that are coming out of the UK right now are insane and Sylva Grey has just dropped this future classic on GoBigTV.

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