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ATM Ty Feat. FBG Duck – Lotto

This jawn fire! Damn this one the first features duck been on in awhile that the other person actually go hard af too! The whole song raw af 🔥🔥🔥! I clicked on this because of Duck but Ty got groovy on this. She did her thing on this. Duck out here really killing the game. Ever since the deal, he just been murdering everything that he get on. This been on repeat since it dropped. Definitely one of my favorite joints this week. They sauced on this!

MAGOVA – Gold Rush

Morie Harris also known as MAGOVA, born and raised in my New Jersey. He became a huge fan of Hip Hop early on in his childhood. He started making beats at 11 years old & became inspired by the Hip Hop culture; as say an orphan is to a mentor. Driven to be a known artist in the industry, MAGOVA moved to Houston to extend his reach and fan base. Right now MAGOVA is working hard to present his new song Gold Rush with a laid-back punchy flow, Houston-based rapper gives his point of view about life struggles dealing with money and relationships. I was digging this when I heard it. No surprise its on here. Anxious to see how he adjusts to the music game and what sauce is coming next. This was a good listen though!

Fivio Foreign x Fetty Luciano – “Critical” (Music Video)

Aww Mann! There’s never a time when fivio foreign don’t body something. But listen, Him & Fetty Luciano snapped on this. Shout out to the WOO!! This jawn was critical. Fetty was talking his talk on this, had to play his jawn back. He keeping the GS9 Wave lit fr! Bobby & Rowdy be home very soon and its gonna be even more lit. You already know Fivio Foreign top 10 in NY. Probably top 5. I’m talking not signed. He body every thing he touch. 2019 his year and its definitely more sauce in the mix coming. He’s on 🔥 right now. These labels better sign fivio quick before his price go up!

(Catch The Fade) – Black & Highly Favored

 Sir Tizzy (@sirtizzy09 on IG/Twitter), is a rising MC from Baltimore, Maryland. He’s originally from Parkville (Countyside) but currently residing in the City (“Ova East” LOL). He has a dope ass video out right now for the song “Vibe”, which is officially produced by AraabMuzik. His is a song off of his latest project, “Knight Shift” which is on the blog already. He’s in a duo, called “Catch The Fade” (@catchthefade16 on IG), with Ron” James” (@whoisronjames on IG/Twitter). They just released a joint project called “Black and Highly Favored” (or #BHF), which is type fire! You know I had to run my pretty little ears through this & I wasn’t disappointed at all. The intro was nice + my joints are “Everything You Can’t Be”, “Low Mileage”, & “O.D.P.T”. I ran this back after the first listen. Solid all the way through. Tizzy already said he’s gonna be posting more vlogs and funny stuff on YouTube soon. They saucing they way up the ranks slowly… Stream their new project ” Black and Highly Favored ” now on Spotify here!

Mulaa – Street Ties (Official Music Video)

JERSEY!!! THIS WAS A BODY! Mula Back! Thats.’s what i’m hearing.. This jawn is crazy right here! Seen a clip and found out big bro from the state! He kinda got that Dave East vibe to him but he sound good. This is a prime example of artists putting out quality work. We need more of this. He was talking his shit all through this. You definitely gonna play this back a few times and be like he snapped. Straight sauced on this joint! #ThisWhatJerseySoundLike

Paparattzi Pop – Do More Say Less [Mixtape]

I don’t even know where to start. Yeah, Pop finally gave us project & it is as solid as they come! Definitely what we needed as a culture but mostly as fans of true hip hop. Paparattzi Pop been talking his shit for awhile now and some people still sleep but some is definitely taking notice. This probably his best project to date, real talk. Pop one of my favorite new artists outta New York. He’s definitely Top 10 in the city right now & slowly saucing his way up the ranks.. I love the title of this, (Do More Say Less) is definitely the motto for 2019! When it comes to lyrics/bars, Pop got it no question. There’s not too  many artists who can talk that shit & be hot at the same time. His come up is real. Definitely an artist to watch this year! He next up outta NY! He definitely holding down the culture with this one! This is straight sauce! New York Sound Real Good!! SAUCE MIX!

Stream his project here!

Kush Kelz ft Jim Jones – My Own Way

This a classic right here. This been out for some time now & whenever im smoking, i always go to this track. I don’t think Kush Kelz get the credit he deserves. This Project ” I Think The Neighbors Know ” is very underrated in my opinion. He got some hits and some real shit on there. This one of my favorite joints off the project. Kush & Jim Jones delivered a hot 16! Jimmy was throwing some clever lines that went over heads too. Kush sauced on this jawn though. Its too relatable because I got everything My Own Way!



FBG Young – “Who Dat” (Official Music Video)

Awwww mann! This shit Brazy right here! FBG Young out here going off. This track is off FBG Young’s Trap Gear Mixtape. Young really been go crazy since FBG took off & he dropping movies too!🔥 FBG YOUNG take over is here. I got a little feeling he about to start applying pressure real soon. His whole project “Trap Gear” is fire. He saucing his way up slowly but he getting there.. FBG got the sauce right now and this that work!! SauceUp2x!

Piif Jones – Never Stop 2 [EP]

This what i’m talking about right here. A solid ass project from beginning to end by the homie Piif Jones. Piif been doing his thing since the first project “Never Stop” which was dope too. Never stop 2 was definitely better than the first one. Piif honestly getting better and better with putting his shit together. This one of my go to projects to bump & listen when i wanna feel some real vibes. This is hip hop right here. New York is really keeping hip hop alive I swear. Love what Piif doing and hope he keep that sauce coming! Straight sauce right here!

Dabbla – F.U.T.D Prod. by SUMGii

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Following on from a hype performance at the High Focus party in Bristol recently, Dabbla drops the video for ‘Fuck Up The Party’ produced by SUMGii. Lifted from the upcoming ‘Death Moves’ due for release 1 October, this track is dope and quite possibly one of the, if not the, hottest tracks from the UK in recent years. Check out the video below, we see Dabbla meeting a crashed robot using some mad CGI.