New sauce alert! Jersey artists Elzo Bandz (who passed away not too long ago), & Ty Baby just linked up for that sauce! They was heavy on this! It’s good to see the homie Ty Baby on this representing the town & Elzo very well! Elzo was really one hellContinue Reading

NEW SAUCE ALERT! Oochie Spiff born December 7th 1996 as Seiko Dotson , he’s an rising hip hop artist born in Brooklyn, New York. He is mainly known for his extraordinary talents & high energy on stage, with his latest project “The Oochie Way“ on all platforms including the blog’sContinue Reading

Ether a beast for this video 🔥🔥! 🔥🔥That boy going off right now! This straight heat & sucks that we got this because of the loss of Pop Smoke. Best tribute joint I’ve heard in a min!You can tell this joint from the heart💯. Never heard fire like this fromContinue Reading