Sappo Floss – Maniac Woo ( OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO )

Salute to the homie Sappo Floss for this BANGER! He Killed this right here🔥🔥. That XXX Tentacion sample was crazy! He came like Sleepy a little bit. I been saying NY is taking back the culture & they on fire right now. Sappo was talking hot on this. Sappo Floss been the TRUTH. I been watching him for months now. He gets better every song☄️🔥. You really hear that Pop Smoke energy when he come on the track. Brooklyn is crazy right now, Woo running it! 💫 Sappo Floss made this jawn a movie. The whole WOO is lit right now. Sappo give me that Pop smoke, Beno ora meaning he’s bound to have that banger thats gonna take off but he still Raw as ever. He bodied this joint . Need this on whatever streaming platform ASAP! Anxious to hear more from him and see his moves 2020. This is how you talk that talk. NY sounding real good right now! He putting out some quality heat right now. Straight Sauce!

Mulaa x Neph – Pressure (Official Music Video) Directed By. @Dizzy2Turnt

AGAIN🗣🔥🔥🚫🧢! As I said before, it’s good to see the homie Mulaa back home & in bully mode! He been putting out a lot of pressure this year & another one added to the sauce! He was talking HEAVY on this!! Mula linked up with Neph who is another rising artist out of Jersey & released the new visuals for they joint “Pressure” which is crazy. This year Mulaa released his highly anticipated project “Life4Granted” which is on all digital platforms right now. He need more credit because he been delivering nothing but quality sauce while battling the streets. One of Jersey’s finest going hard as ever! Not everybody can make it where we from. If you ask me, Mulaa been putting jersey on his back. He really Top 10 in Jersey, SERIOUSLY!

I definitely feel like he’s underrated as a songwriter but he’s getting bigger by the day. Neph kinda shocked me because I wasn’t expecting him to go off like that. He was talking that talk for the real ones. Definitely need more of this from artists in the culture. Him & Neph flamed this jawn! His new project can be found in my playlist (InTheSauceWeTrust) on Spotify. Tune In! Straight Sauce Right Here 🌊!

Lnf Stacks – East 2 West Ft. Ra Sossa ( HBTL ) | ShotBy: BigApeTV

Whoop!!! That pressure right here! Shout-out to the homies Lnf Stacks & Sossa (HBTL) for this joint! !!! These 2 are becoming a nice duo I didn’t see coming. LNF Stacks been one of my favorite artists ever since I heard him body Fivio Foreign’s hit single “Big Drip” . I already played this joint back a few times because Stacks went crazy on this. He always talking HOT. Sossa was talking heavy on this too. This collab was hard. Both artists are definitely some artists you should be paying attention to this year 2020. They 2 for 2 when it comes to collabs. They be going crazy every time they link! You know this had to hit the blog. They straight sauced on this! They applied that Pressure with this one!!

Lnf Stacks – East 2 West Ft. Ra Sossa ( HBTL ) | ShotBy: BigApeTV

FBG Duck – Soul Burn (Official Video)

Again, This just proves how versatile FBG Duck is!!! Straight pressure right here🔥🔥 & he was in his feelings. Duck always seemed to be a emotionless person & reckless full with rage, a lot of hate but you can tell he deals with things on the daily. I know how some of that feels. Getting depressed behind the bullsh*t 😞 a lot of times but he here & he got a reason to go hard like he do. Ghetto Angels hit different when you can relate 💔 long live my guys. One of his songs when he just pouring out emotions. Duck high key been the best artist from the Drill Era.. Y’all was just sleep! Soul Burn is a sad but beautifully written song. Glad he’s with Sony. If you a real one this hit different! Duck the real new wave of Chicago music. Sauce right here.

FBG Duck – Soul Burn (Official Video)

Perico Papi – Planet Papi 2

My Guy Perico Papi is a rising artist Born in Cuba, but currently residing in the Florida area. He recently just released “Planet Papi 2” which is the follow up to his first project “Planet Papi”. He sauced on this project, LITERALLY. He’s been on the music grind since a teenager but these last couple years he’s been taking it seriously putting money behind, putting out quality work, doing shows etc.. He’s been focused on perfecting his craft to become a better artist & performer for when this whole frenzy ends. He flows over a lot of smooth piano instrumentals & hype ones. Spitting about the streets & everyday problems from somebody who come from nothing & go through just everyday life stuff from a street cat perspective you can feel what goes on and visualize it over his lyricism. Plenty more to come, more music more videos, more merch. He been doing his thing this year. His latest project “Planet Papi 2” EP was pretty solid from beginning to end. He always talk his talk. I just like how he puts everything together musically. Enjoy some new sauce. Stay tuned with the sauce. That sauce right here!

Lil Baby – The Bigger Picture (Official Music Video)

This song just put Lil Baby in a different league! Always listened to Lil Baby whenever he dropped but this song just put him number 1 in my book. He’s actually moving like a leader right now. I would’ve never thought he would’ve stepped up the way he did. He’s definitely holding down the culture right now even when everyone is looking for Kendrick or Cole to say something. Baby is one of those artists who actually pays attention not only to himself but everything around him and his music is witness. This will go down in history which is fire. He really went in on this song though. The world is definitely in a scary place right now & Baby knows how powerful his voice is. Lil Baby definitely at the top right now. He moving like a king. This is what the culture & world need right now. Our biggest voices speaking up. Baby got the sauce!

Migz – Paranoid (Official Video)

This Song Is STRAIGHT 🔥🔥! Saw a clip of this on ItsBizKitt(The Biggest Blogger In The World) Instagram page. One of the hardest tracks I’ve heard this year. That trap soul music right here. He was talking that real on here! My first time hearing of this guy & I’m already a fan. He make that music that you feel. This definitely what hip hop need. Lil Baby type vibes but straight trenches where it’s coming from. I don’t like singing rappers either but Migz bodied this, PERIOD. Straight hustle & street motivation music. You know the hottest blogger had to get this.. Migz got the sauce with this one. That Pressure!


This Song Is STRAIGHT 🔥🔥! I been waiting on this since I seen the snippet on Instagram. That trap music right here. The rising New York artist FlyBoii DaDa really saucing his way up. He getting better & better with this music. I think he’s probably the most slept on artist in New York. He is so versatile with his music its crazy. This definitely the type of artist hip hop need. Some signed to the streets type vibes right here.

He make great music whether he rapping or singing! Straight hustle & street motivation music he’s been putting out this year. Everything he done put out this year is pure fire. Of course everybody else need to wake up already because DaDa on his way. This visuals to this joint was fire. FlyBoii Dada snapped on this joint period! One of the hardest joints on the blog now! That Pressure!

KD Baby x Bugz Low – The Juice (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)

Bugz Low & KD got the sauce with this one! They new joint “Juice” is fire! KD Baby & Bugz Low might be the next hottest duo in New York. Bugz hopped on this talking HOT! He already made his other video “SWORNED IN” a movie low-key. Bugz was talking real hot on this. He on my radar something serious right now. His whole verse was lowkey homicide. They got the streets rocking. KD Baby conquer everything 🙏🏿🔥🔥. This jawn had me turnt to the max!

KD be going off when he want to & I like the way he walked on this. You can tell they came on this with the juice . They putting on for New York heavy right now. The whole Woo been going crazy this year! I done played this like 10x and it had to hit the blog!! They all sauced on this something different. New York got the whole hip hop culture going crazy! They need more attention but you know the media like gimmicks.. I don’t! Straight Sauce right here!


Listen man!! The Woo’s most definitely making the better music right now! They got New York on lock right now! Dread Woo & Curly Savv link up is straight sauce. Dread bodied the hook 🔥! Once dread hits up a proper recording studio and gets better mix an master quality he’s gonna be unstoppable, the bars are already on point🔥🔥Dread coming like Gohan with all this potential💙💫. My guy Curly really doing work for the floss. Curly Savv is the best in this song 💥. I’m glad Curly back in the mix. He been going crazy these all 2020. Once he get back 100%, he definitely gonna be top 10 in Brooklyn. Since Pop passed they been carrying the torch. Pop would be proud. Shout out to the Woo for this one. They putting heavy for NY! Straight Sauce right here!


Crush Poe – Greedy Freestyle (Official Video)

Listen! I got lucky on an accident 💯! I been enjoying this joint since it dropped! This some real spill for the streets right here. This joint was too real! My first time hearing some Crush Poe & he made me a fan with this. The Harlem artist been doing his thing for a little while now. Happy I listened to him chew this apart. One of the most underrated tracks on the blog. The way he puts it together is insane. He was talking real trap talk on this. He give me that old Styles P & Don Q feel when it comes to the music. We need more artists like him for the streets. This is something you can bump ANYWHERE! Hustle talk is motivation!One of my favorite songs out right now on the indie scene. Crush Poe need to drop more heat but also need more credit. He delivering quality right here. Straight Sauce Right Here!

Reem Ali – Sellin My Soul (Official Video)

Jersey stand up 👏 for em 🔥 !! The big bro Reem Ali released a project “Tomorrow was yesterday” a while back that’s out on ALL platforms! Definitely a must listen. That jawn been getting me through this corona virus madness. Especially that Intro! A few joints project can be found in my spotify playlist #InTheSauceWeTrust too! Unfortunately, this jawn didn’t make the project so he gave us visuals and of course its fire! This song & video depicts avoiding the comprehensive steps of selling his soul just to get out of the hard times of the SLUMS, with this soul felt video and record you will hear some of the struggle but also the enjoyment of taking the steps to build a brand without “selling out” Get With Bro On IG @HDD__Ali. Straight sauce right here! He got more suce coming this year, so stay tuned! That Sauce Right Here!

Goddess Mervzani X Loyaltyreke “Long Road” [Official Video]

This joint Heavy! Ain’t even gonna lie, I caught a snippet of this on IG & was like she got another one. She already made me a fan with “DAMAGED” & she just following up with more heat. This jawn is like a breath of fresh air. Her voice along with that real spill as she spitting really sperate her from a lot of these artists. I feel like Goddess Mervzani is in her own lane especially with her sound. Straight from the heart talking HEAVY. This kinda give you chills. 🔥 Creating tracks like these gone have the streets! I felt where she was coming from with this one. LoyalTyreke bodied his verse. He was talking real life spill. Liked how he maneuvered on this.

Definitely an artist to watch! Goddess Mervzani is a rising artist coming outta New Orleans, LA! This joint “Long Road” is her latest joint featuring LoyalTyreke. They sauced on this track. I’m hear for all the sauce. You know this had to hit the blog. This need to catch fire like the lowkey hit it is. Straight sauce here! Sauce Symphony right here!

40Gang Ruga x ”Ain’t Worried” [Official Video] | Presented by @Vickmont

Heavy on it! Now if you ask me, this joint right here is something different. Not even gonna lie, this joint caught me off guard & wasn’t really into it after I seen the a piece of it but this is some heat🔥🔥! This joint underrated asf. Different vibe right here💯. Shout out to the producer because this joint is heavy! This That Flock Right Here🔥🔥🔥🗣! I was gonna throw it on the blog as soon as it dropped but I had to see if i would like it after listening to this a few times.. 40Gang Ruga did his thing on this. He bodied the hook like an anthem. Heavy talk aat it’s finest. I’m halfway a fan of his. Kinda love this track can’t lie. Honestly, I can say this lowkey is one of the coldest songs out right now. Waiting for it to catch fire. I gotta feeling this won’t be the last time we hear from him & he’s definitely on my radar. This That Sauce Right Here!