Heavy on it🔥🔥!! Now if you ask me, never heard of this guy this song but this joint right here is something different. This joint caught me off guard & wasn’t really on it until i heard the the full track/seen the full video but this is probably one ofContinue Reading

One Of Best Projects Out At The Moment. My guy Matti is Going Crazyyy right now. I’ve been waiting for this! Already done listened to the EP over 7 or 8x. Matti Baybee just dropped his highly anticipated project “Mulavicious”.  This jawn go dumb hard. Love to see how farContinue Reading

This beat is really getting treated like a thotiana 💀😂 this one fire tho🔥!!! Kind of remind me of the G Hebro / Three 6 Mafia ‘ who run it ‘ that got passed around.. I done bumped this shit a few times! This is the RAWEST ONE I heardContinue Reading