Bizzy Banks – Hate Me (Prod By A Lau) (Music Video) [Shot By @MookieMadFace]

Structure up! Bizzy applying a little pressure right now. He been putting out straight sauce lately. I been on him for awhile now & tbh I feel like he’s coming into his lane. He definitely next up. Bizzy never made a bad song honestly, Now you hear him with a little more hunger & bars. The way he’s going right now, we gonna need a Funk Flex Freestyle from him pretty soon. He really getting better & better with this music. Anxious to hear what else he got & his next few moves. Structure & Woo going crazy! Bizzy not missing right now. Waiting for him to catch fire so he can really sauce. Straight pressure right here though! Sauce!

Rah Swish – Left Hollywood (Pop Smoke Tribute)

Not gonna lie, I didn’t even process he’s really gone till hearing this track.. Damn Pop. I PLAYED THE INTRO OVER LIKE 10 TIMES😭😭 WOO IN PEACE POP💙. This happened way 2 soon. Pop was just getting started & putting his foot on necks then this happen. Meet The Woo 2 was definitely better than the first. Pop was really stepping up musically. We losing too many real ones in the music game. New York hurting right now but the WOO definitely gonna keep Pop spirit in the air. He had so much quality music to give us. He just wanted everybody to have fun. The good die young still. I’m gonna have Pop on repeat + some of his joints hitting the playlist again. He wasn’t finished by a long shot & they took him. He will always be remembered. He put a hole in the culture. Shout out to Rah Swish for this joint. I had to cover this because it was straight from the heart. You hear the pain in his voice. New York needs prayer and good energy right now.. Rah making Pop proud right now with this. One of the hardest out. Next up! Straight sauce! Long Live Pop Smoke!

Frankk Finesse – Lesson Learned (Official Video)

One of my favorite new artists on the come up. He got the sauce right about now. 2020 just started & he already got some pressure out. Frankk Finesse been dropping nothing but quality heat since I first heard him. Heard of him last year & listened to a few joints. I was just waiting on something like this. He was talking that talk on this joint. Not too many could understand. He’s definitely underrated as of right now. Definitely one of few in the game making real good quality music. This is soul food, he need a million views for this one 🔥. New York got soo much talent on its way up right now, it’s crazy! Won’t be the last time you hear from him though. More sauce on the way. Track is hard. Dope visuals = Straight Pressure. That sauce right here!

Mulaa – Felon (Official Music Video) Directed By. @Dizzy2Turnt

DAMNNNN🗣🔥🔥🚫🧢! Like I said, it’s good to see the homie Mulaa back home & still on his bully! I been waiting on this jawn to drop for a minute. He was talking HEAVY on this!! He just released his highly anticipated project “Life4Granted” which is on all digital platforms. He need more credit because he been delivering nothing but quality sauce while fighting the law amongst other stuff. One of Jersey’s finest doing they thing! Nothing but love & respect. Not everybody can make it where we from. He been putting on for Jersey for awhile but ever since “street ties” his whole vibe been different. He went down for a little bit & came back hungry. He really Top 10 in Jersey! I definitely feel like he’s underrated as a songwriter but he’s getting bigger by the day. It’s a lot of dudes cappin out here like they nice but bro showing you what’s really good & it’s not just talk.. He talking that talk for the real ones coming from nothing. Definitely need more of this from artists in the culture. He flamed this jawn! His new project can be found in my playlist (InTheSauceWeTrust) on Spotify. Tune In! Straight Sauce Out Here 🌊!

Q Bandz – Working

Q Bandz is a rising artist coming outta Brooklyn, NY who’s been doing music for a little while now but he just released his 1st song & he talking his talk. This got a little vibe to it. He speaking real facts though. I like substance. You can tell he got some sauce. Q bandz just getting his feet wet as of now but he’s dropping more singles pretty soon. Make sure you tune in to the sauce!

Ron Suno – Spider-Man (Feat. Fivio Foreign) [Official Video]

New York is really taking over💯💯!!!! AFTER WATCHING THIS I FEEL LIKE SPIDER-MAN‼️🔥 I’m rocking Ron Suno & Fivio energy they need to do more tracks. Ron Suno really took the internet by storm with this music stuff. Even though he be clowning on social media, he got the sauce musically. This joint really nice. Fivio hopped on this & went bananas. Not too many artists on Fivio time right now. He really killing the game & it’s still early. One of the dopest joints out right now fr! That sauce right here! New York Heavy!!!!

Quan Rite – WAR (SauceMix)

Damn this is it on gang, straight 🔥🔥🔥! This been on repeat a few times since it dropped. Quan Rite on my radar. He bodied this freestyle 🔥🔥🔥🔥. Boy on another level perfect. First off. this beat is crazy. Definitely thought this was gonna be something light. I saw a snippet of this on Instagram & you know it had to hit the blog. clicked. New York really got the rap culture on smash right now. Quan was speaking straight facts but he spitting bars too. Real heavy on this with no effort. This joint is evil right here!! Definitely want to hear more from him. He gives me that feeling that he’s gonna be a threat once he get his foot in the door.Straight pressure! That Sauce.

Rah Swish ft. Bizzy Banks – Too Much (Official Music Video)

When you hear that “9 shots in the Ruger” you already know what type of timing we on 🔥🔥!!!! Rah Swish & Bizzy Banks linked up for this banger right here. The towns needed this clique up real talk. Brooklyn has been going crazy lately as far as streetwise. Can’t even lie, Rah be jumping on some of the meanest beats. The production & visuals was on point with this! They look like twins in this lol. Bizzy went in on this right here, straight up BANGER! Rah swish is too underrated but he’s next to blow. Bizzy and Rah swish gotta collab more‼️ They made New York look good with this jawn! Patiently waiting for this joint to hit spotify so it can go right in the playlist. They sauced on this! Visuals lit! Straight pressure!

OT9beno x Balla Shotcalla – Dont Trip

No other State Could Compare to New York🔥! This joint straight pressure🔥! The WOO run New York period. They been going crazy since all of last year. I expect a few artists to have a big year 2020 & Beno is one of them. The Brooklyn artist caught a banger with this one. He was talking real hot on this! He’s going to be a huge artist (mark my words). A lot of new heat coming from him this year.!  His sauce is crazy. W💫💫 putting on more for NY than the Gz/Blixkys. . He go crazy every time he touch something. Beno did his thing on this! Streets on lock! That Sauce Right Here!


They done got the Hat back on his bully! He caught a body with this! I been waiting on this to drop for a little minute now. Bro fire. One of my favorite artists on the come up. He definitely underrated as an artist. I still remember when i first covered him, knew he was gone give the streets hell. He be spitting bars and some of his lines be witty. “Next Up” outta Brooklyn! I can definitely see him being a Top 10-15 underground artist within the next year. Every time he drop, its a must listen. It was only right he hop on this and talk that Hat Talk. He straight sauced on this one! This new joint is out everywhere on all digital platforms. It can also be found in my playlist on Spotify. Expect a lot more music very soon. He got some heat for the streets! This just the beginning. This straight pressure right here!

Cooli Booli – Trill Never Die (Official Video)

The homie Cooli Booli just dropped his dope new video “Trill Never Die” Just off his new hip hop self produced Album titled “Brass Knucklez”. He’s working on music videos that will be releasing early this year to cover songs from new project including: Trill Never Die, Cutoff Season & Long Time Coming. He’s also working on another full length hip hop album as well as a Funk Project that is all love songs called “The Love Project” set to release in the 2nd and 3rd quarters. Cooli has a ton of music in the works but really want to cross barriers & bring all walks of life together with a solid Message and product. This is how you start the year. This joint is dope & it has a message. Don’t let it go over your head. He sauced on this one!