Sheff G X Sleepy Hallow – Lightwork Freestyle | Pressplay

New York Heavy!!! First Americans to do a Lightwork Freestyle!😷These 2 are smart, spreading their music to a different area & platform to gain more attention and fans! Sheff G definitely knows what he’s doing with his fan base. Sheff is definitely a Top 10 artist “Next Up” outta New York. He putting on Brooklyn! Sheff G is too cold when he hop on tracks like this. He been going crazy all 2019. Definitely waiting for that next joint to put him over the top. Sleepy went crazy on this jawn too. When he said “Know bro got my back like Allstate” 🔥🔥🥵  I was like “DAMN, Sleepy Spazzed On This”! Sleepy been on different type time this year too.. Talking real spicy and disrespectful. They Probably one of the best Rap Duo’s on the come up right now. Sheff and Sleepy both Sauced on this beat all the way from London. 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 Straight Sauce!


Kiing Shooter & Dave East – Welcome To The Party (AUDIO)

Shooter flow was on point! I don’t know who was the engineer was but his mixing was weak!! This Song is Heat! Shooter knew he had to hop on this and come crazy. Happy he grabbed East for this one. Dave East can do no wrong. East is definitely in my top 10 rappers out right now. Still hard to believe that Shooter had a better verse than East. He was talking spicy. That Sauce right here! Another Sauce Mix!!

Piif Jones x Jay Rozay x Kiing Shooter – Get To The Bag

Piif Jones linked up with Jay Rozay & Kiing Shooter for this banger “Get To The Bag” & I’m definitely fucking with this. Dave East & his camp really feeding the streets with quality music right now. Shooter verse was cold as a mf. New York is definitely in a good state when it comes to hip hop. Im loving all the new music thats coming outta NY except 69. I know these guys is real and ain’t n cappin with nothing. This that work!

Hoodrich Pablo Juan ft. Blocc Boy JB- “Tik Tok” (Official Music Video)

Hoodrich linked up with Blocc Boy JB For this banger! My two favorite wildcards. Hoodrich been my one of my favorite artists for like a year now. He been shitting on alot of artists. Blocc Boy slowly becoming on of my favorite rappers ever since i heard him on Dave East’s ” Karma 2 “. Him & BloccBoy made a dope ass song. His verses + schemes be both clever and funny as hell. These 2 was definitely interesting to see on a song together. This shit was fire! Straight sauce!

Teezie Bandz f/ Luh Half – War Ready (Official Video)

Listen man! Young Bull Teezie really out here going off. He been dropping heat lately. I can definitely say he got a spot next up. I definitely wanna see more from him but from what I’ve seen already, he ready to play this game. He saucing his way up slowly.. Stay with us and ima keep you posted on that heat.. This shit was straight sauce! Luh Half did his part. I came for Teezie of course.. Sauce! 

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