SAMBO (all caps) also known as Chikki Kush, is a independent artist on the rise from New Orleans, Louisiana & now hailing from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. By him having experiences from two different major cities in Louisiana, you can hear his mixture of different sounds & different cultures in his music. ThroughoutContinue Reading

Reemo is 🔥🔥. ReemoVanPrez out here putting on for the NY Heavy. New visuals for statement finally here & he is on his way up! I can definitely say, he’s an artist to watch out for this tear. Reemo beem stepping his game up musically. He been putting nothing butContinue Reading

Reemo Van Prez teams up with Slick Talk Swizzy to deliver a a banger. Reemo stepped his game all the way up musically. He been putting nothing but quality sauce since I became a fan. He walking heavy on this joint. The song started strong with Swizzy🔥. He was talkingContinue Reading