Late on this but this my joint right here. It had to hit the blog, it’s only right! Beno dropped this last year but it’s new! The WOO demon just dropped one of the the hardest projects this year “Fully Active” & this joint is on it! The way BenoContinue Reading

Flexx Kapone a.k.a Jeremy Jones was born in California but raised in Memphis. Flexx moved back and forth from different regions of Mississippi & Memphis during his childhood years & due to the constant moving he became more serious about his music career as an artist. He felt that music symbolized some form of stability in his ever-changing life and theContinue Reading

PaqGod (formerly known as Khari G) is rising artist residing in the Bay Area of California. Originally from southeast Washington, DC. Paq has made his own lane for himself within his own lane, managing to mix a nice blend of two different coasts nearly effortlessly. He just released another heatContinue Reading