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Cblack – So Brooklyn Remix (I’m So Staten Island)

Aww Man!!!! Big Bro Bent this jawn fr!💯🔥🔥  Everybody been going crazy on these jawns but it’s expected. Uncle Murda, Maino & More. I put this joint right up there with those, maybe a little higher. People sleep on Staten Island like they not valid & they been putting on. One of my favorites parts of New York besides Brooklyn. It’s a lot that goes on in the City & we never hear too much but its always going down. This is exactly what the culture needed. C Black woke me up with this one! He was talking heavy & speaking big facts! I haven’t posted one so brooklyn challenge freestyle but it was only right this go up. went I really feel like he went blood on this literally STATEN ISLAND for the win! This is how you Body something. That Pressure! Straight Sauce!

Kiing Shooter – Keep It On Me [Official Video]

Why Cuz come crazy on this like that! This jawn too hard!!! When Dave East said “Even shooter a rapper now we bout to get more rich” you should’ve believed him. Shooter been going off since he started and he only getting better. He should’ve made it longer because I done played it back like 5 times already. Shooter stay dropping fire! I can say he’s definitely becoming one of the best in his lane. This is what New York sound like!! Every time Shooter jump on the track, he talk that talk. He actually telling his story & I’m loving every bit of it. He saucing his way up slowly but surely. Get familiar with him because this won’t be the last time you see him or I cover him. Straight sauce right here!