This jawn is heavy! St. Louis really turnt right now. This the 4ss I was waiting for🔥🔥. Remember, i first heard about LA4ss years ago and i always thought/still think he got star potential. I love it ❤🔥 especially The Energy. The only song that I really fuck with  💯really sinceContinue Reading

Jay with another one! This really a banger right here. Real shit from the core. He ain’t rapping just to rap. I fuck with this jawn heavy. New York got the streets when it comes to music. So many people sleep on the artists that’s coming up because these other catsContinue Reading

This that work right here. PG Finally release the visuals to ” Big Bossman”. PG gonna make it out. He definitely got South Carolina on lock right now when it comes to music. He was talking his shit all through this jawn. I heard about him throughout the year and thisContinue Reading

This the most disrespectful song I ever heard in my life ‼️🔥🔥. Young Costamado & Dee Sav went nuts on this jawn! Dee Savv stay going in on shit. I blogged about his last jawn that he bodied. New York drill is the best drill💯. THIS IS BEYOND ME, THEY DISRESPECTFUL DISRESPECTFUL!!Continue Reading