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Salute to the homie Scarz for this joint! He Killed it on this 🔥🔥. I been saying NY is taking back the culture & they on fire right now. Scarz was talking heavy on this. Basically Brooklyn rappers are using UK beats but really got a NY flow plus some people who really know how to edit music video’s right. It’s a good formula. Brooklyn is really lit right now. Woo 💫 flossy suvy made this jawn a movie. The whole WOO is lit right now. Scarz give me that Pop smoke, Fivio Foreign ora meaning he’s bound to have that banger thats gonna take off… He bodied this joint & I don’t even think he meant to. Need this on SoundCloud or whatever streaming platform ASAP! Anxious to hear more from him and see his moves 2020. This is how you talk that talk. NY sounding real good right now! That sauce right here!

Rah Swish – Party Done ( OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO )

This was way too short but crazy! Mr. 9Shots in the ruger I step in court they like watch the shooter is on his bully. Rah Spazzed On This! This jawn got it feeling like 2012 drill, I love it. Like I said before, 💫💫💫 took over the city. Everything coming from the Woo camp is straight pressure! Even though Rah swish Top 5 Brooklyn, I still feel Rah swish is underrated. He been putting out heat all year like he said he would in 2018. He straight sauced on this joint. All Sauce. Straight Pressure!

Swaze – Danny (Official Music Video)

This jawn tough right here. Swaze was talking his talk on this. He was with 6ix9ine as 6ix9ine was blowing up and after. Y’all already know 6ix9ine actions did not sit well with him even the stuff we don’t know about. He did a lot of bull that put a lot of people in crazy situations. This why I keep a small circle. People will use you as stepping stones and don’t look back. He even named the song after 6ix9ine (his first name). You could feel the genuine in his voice. You don’t have to be violent to go at somebody. Now this is a real diss. The streets still got some real cats left & he one of them. This is what New York sound like! Straight sauce right here!

Suspect Jay – Vice City (Official Audio)

Suspect Jay got really on necks! Anxious to see what’s next after his lowkey banger Fentanyl & he comes with this highkey banger! One of the hottest artists coming out the underground. I’m rocking with this jawn heavy. He definitely making real rap look cool & sound great.  He was eating the whole time. He’s definitely worth a listen and more. Straight outta New York & he’s one of the best coming up.  This was dope Not your everyday shit and still fire. Jay sauced on this jawn.. New York got one with this. I’m here for it. Straight sauce right here! He just don’t stop with the sauce!

Paparattzi Pop – Respect The Game (Official Music Video)

Pop really on bully mode🔥🔥🔥‼️ This shit crazy right here! I felt some of this in my soul. Pop on a come up something serious this year. He’s easily one of the best new artists if not the best in NY don’t sleep on what I just said. He applying pressure with this one! Not everybody can get on these type of songs and talk it. That’s what make it even better, honestly. When you see Pop, Salute him because as soon as I see his name, I click. One of the best joints I’ve heard all month. The visuals on point too! This definitely made me think about a lot. Paparattzi Pop got another one. Straight sauce right here!


YUP! You Know Esco had to hit the blog! I been bumping this since it dropped. Jeggo straight snapped! This my shit right here. He was dropping bar after bar but some of his lines was clever. His flow on this jawn was crazy fr! I’ve heard his music before but I became a fan after I heard this. He was talking some real shit on this jawn. Outta all the joints that hit the blog this month, this definitely a Top 3 joint! This is how you talk that talk. He is an artist worth watching out for this year. After this, I expect him to keep delivering sauce. This that sauce right here!

Jezz Gasoline x Facts Bando x Mayback Trap – Take it There (Official Music Video)

Damn this fire. The homie Jezz Gasoline linked up with Facts Bando & aybach Trap for this banger ” Take It There.” Jezz not doing the number he should be doing when in fact, he’s definitely an artist to watch. He be saving alot of shit too. Its alot of shit in the cut he holding on to and we waiting for it. Jezz gonna be applying pressure real soon and im all here for it. Everybody did their part on this jawn. Jezz always go hard on everything he touch. Straight sauce!

Lyrical Fess Up – Stumbles (Episode 6)

Damn! This shit was dope asf right here. The homie Stumbles went off & i think this is the best Lyrical Fess Up freestyle yet. He was snapping from beginning to end. I loved the fact that he bodied an old Jay-Z Beat. His style is different and his flow switching abilities is incredible. Definitely an artist to be on the lookout for. He was cold! straight sauce!

J-Millz – Stay Woke Freestyle (Official Music Video)

I saw the flag and thought he was about to do drill but J-Millz went off! Finally some bars with matching energy. Best drill type shit I’ve heard in a long time. First Meek got down on this, then VADO caught a body on this, now it really got tortured.🔥 He talking some real shit on this jawn. One of the best flowtastic visuals yet in my opinion. It was only right this hit the blog. I wouldn’t sleep on him at all. This is notice! He saucing his way up slowly. This it!

DeeSavv – Bullshit (Official Music Video)

Aww ma, Dee Savv just went the hell off on this jawn. He letting people know early he aint with the bullshit. He did his thing on this. He is very versatile so im definitely interested to see what he’s got coming next. He sauced on this bih tho! Somebody get the fire extinguisher.