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FIVIO FOREIGN – JUMPIN (Official Music Video)

Aww man🔥 My guy Fivio out here saucing like crazy. Big Woo Big Drip. Fivio’s music just gets better & better! He Next up! He did his thing this year! He damn near bodied everything he hopped on even features and if he didn’t body, he sauced on it. It’s been awhile since artists came out like Fivio. He was just talking on this lol but his bars was hilarious.When he said, ““I had a crib but they raided it” I started crying 😂 . He’s one of the coldest artists coming outta New York. Fivio got his own flow & its a few cats trying to take it but they not Fivio. One of my favorite artists out right now & he been saucing all 2019. 2020 gonna be crazy! That sauce right here. 


Fivio Foreign x Swipey – “2 Cars” (Official Music Video)

 Straight Fire 🔥! Swipey dance moves sturdy on this joint & Fivio going crazy on tracks as usual. Fivio putting out the best music in Brooklyn this past year. He been on necks since 2019 came in! Brooklyn needs to dead the beef. Look at what Uncle Murda and Casanova doing, take notes 📝. It’s cool tho because Fivio putting om something serious right now. This joint off his new EP too. Him & Swipey sauced on this jawn. This go crazy in the speakers. Fivio on his way up seriously. 2019 ain’t over. It’s a lot more sauce coming and I’m tuned In. Straight sauce right here.

Young Costamado x Fivio Foreign – “Slide” (Music Video)

New York got it right now!! People really need to stop sleeping on the real quality music coming from the streets right now. This joint crazy. Costmado’s energy is something else.. Had to spin it back “2x”(Fivio voice lol). His flow was mean on this. Listen, Fivio Foreign is on everything hitting right now. One of the best coming outta New York. They sauced on this like crazy. It’s alot going on in these streets and they holding it down. Fivio on necks! That sauce right here!.

Fivio Foreign x Fetty Luciano – “Critical” (Music Video)

Aww Mann! There’s never a time when fivio foreign don’t body something. But listen, Him & Fetty Luciano snapped on this. Shout out to the WOO!! This jawn was critical. Fetty was talking his talk on this, had to play his jawn back. He keeping the GS9 Wave lit fr! Bobby & Rowdy be home very soon and its gonna be even more lit. You already know Fivio Foreign top 10 in NY. Probably top 5. I’m talking not signed. He body every thing he touch. 2019 his year and its definitely more sauce in the mix coming. He’s on 🔥 right now. These labels better sign fivio quick before his price go up!