This joint crazy! I heard about bro before but never really checked him until the podcast. I got hip from Gillie & Wallo podcast. In the middle of them playing it, I was like ” THIS FIRE 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥!!!!” Did my homework of course and the homie actually got some fire. He been dropping some heat. One of the hardest rappers coming out of Philadelphia. I done listened to this jawn like 7x already.. Definitely one of the hardest joints out right now. Waiting for this jawn to hit spotify so it can hit my playlist. He we was talking real spill on this. Straight Sauce!

CityBoy Willis – All In My Head [EP]

City Boi Willis is a rising artist from LA even though he’s been in Sacramento for 10 years. He just dropped his EP on me. I listened to it a few times and he’s pretty good. My few songs Im fucking with on this EP are ” Puttin’ In Work, Hustle that muscle (Interlude), & Tryna get my shit right.” The whole jawn is good though from start to finish.. He’s been doing his thing for awhile now and he’s looking to make want to make music full time. He has another EP called Live & Learn available on every platform!! City got a 5 song EP called Hidden Agenda coming soon!! With 2 more projects in the works, he’s keeping the music coming trying to elevate and motivate. He wants to tour high schools to perform/mentor and promote a motivational message to the youth. Currently, working on several films and web series as well.. He’s planning to transition into film. A spontaneous artist and with a ton of goals. His eyes wide open and he saucing his way up slowly. This project was a good listen. 

The Marksmen Ft. Fat Trel – “STEP ASIDE”

The Marksmen linked up with Fat Trel for this lowkey banger ” Step Aside “. The Marksmen did they thing on this jawn. The visuals had me locked in. It definitely help that Fat Trel was apart o this because i clicked when i saw his name. Fat Trel went off as usual. Since he came home, he just been killing shit. Definitely need more credit as an artist who’s been dropping quality heat all year.. They was talking they shit on this jawn. Straight Sauce!

A Pressure Rumors (Official Music Video)

I’ve watched this so many times, this shit really mean. A Money did his thing on this one. He still going off and on his grind as usual. He definitely addressing “RUMORS”…  He sauced on this bitch… Im rocking with this one.

Blacc Zacc – Diamonds & Designer (Official Music Video)

I been waiting on this jawn for the past few days since i seen the snippet.. This mf go crazy. Azae Production been one of my favorite video directors since Sosa. Blacc comes from the land of the Greats. He continues to bring 🏆’s home like Nick Saban at Alabama. He sauced through this whole jawn. Definitely on repeat. Straight Sauce!

Cruch Calhoun – “Active” (Official Music Video)

JERSEY! I know im a little late on posting but the Big Cuz Cruch out here killing shit. This my shit right here. Cruch one of the hardest rappers coming outta Jersey right now. Im from Jersey so believe me when i tell you, he got us looking good. I been listening to all his projects lately because they put me in a get money mood. Straight motivation & hustle music is all I need in my life. He kinda remind me of East who is my fav rapper but you know Cruch when you hear Cruch. He’s definitely an artist to watch out for. All his music is fire. I think he has a few hits in him.. This that sauce tho! #RoselleUSA

DeeSavv – Bullshit (Official Music Video)

Aww ma, Dee Savv just went the hell off on this jawn. He letting people know early he aint with the bullshit. He did his thing on this. He is very versatile so im definitely interested to see what he’s got coming next. He sauced on this bih tho! Somebody get the fire extinguisher. 

CMDWN Feat. Chief Keef & Ca$tro Guapo “Roxanne” (Official Music Video)

Didn’t think this video would make it to Worldstar. Glad it did tho because this jawn heavy.. Shoutout to CMDWN x Ssoa x Cat$ro Guapo for this banger.. I love when Sosa hop on features because he always go off. He been in the cut lately.. Guapo got a project coming soon and im anxious to see what he working with. Definitely tuned in. #Sauce!

Poppa Da Don x Abillyon – Smoked

New Joint from one of my favorite locs Poppa Da Don & Abillyon. This is a good collab right here. Poppa been putting on for NY and the locs. So much more to come from Poppa.. He’s adjusting to this shit well.. Can’t wait to see what its like when he apply pressure. This Shit Sauced up tho! Check it


Don Q “Puddle Of Water” (Official Music Video)

Don Q New Video “Puddle Of Water” is straight sauce. Don definitely is most underrated out NY. I been saying it and i’ll say it again, Don Q is gonna go off 2018! His switching his flow up but he keep the bars coming. Still talking that struggle talk. I heard there’s a possible Don Q x Dave East mixtape in the works. That’s gonna be epic right there. Nobody really talking that talk like Don anyways. Straight from the trenches and now he about to sauce on em. mark my words… This video crazy tho! SauceUp2x