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Cruch Calhoun – Smile [Music Video] | THE COAT EMPIRE

This video tough right here. JERSEY!! The homie Cruch always dropping sauce & I’m rocking wit it 🔥. I feel like Cruch definitely a Top 5 artist in the state of Jersey when we talking as of now & new  music. He got that motivational sound so it’s like whatever he speaking about he giving game on and that type of talk make you listen. I love the concept he had in this joint. All that murder rap is cool but sometimes we need real music to bring us back to reality. No cappin, No Goofiness. He been putting on for Jersey for awhile, so underrated. His Project “LOCO” Should’ve been out already but he had to push back and he been feeding us here and there. I need that project fr! Sometimes you need a break from the watered down music and the nonsense that these artists is putting out. Can’t wait to buckle down & hear “LOCO”. This one of the realest joints out now! Cruch stay with that sauce!.. Pay attention when a man Speaks!

Muckaa Vito – Pain Away (Official Music Video)

Damn this some heat 🔥🔥🔥!!!! Brooklyn needs more of this and less drill!! This is radio friendly right here. When he said ” Heart of a lion, I know they wanna take me out “, I FELT EVERY WORD! this is so fire for no reason lol keep the heating coming tho. I really enjoyed listening to this jawn. He got some lines in here. Anxious to hear more from him but this straight sauce right here.

FBG Duck x Daweirdo – Tweakers

Good to see FBG Duck Reached Out to son Da Wierdo for this banger right here.. This shit heavy. I already done played it like 10x. FBG Duck not letting the money and fame change him by remaining himself getting features from upcoming artists. Duck been dropping quality heat all year including his hit ” slide ” which is now at 40 Million+ views online. Duck got the sauce and he been putting his team in position. Ready to see how far he take it, now that he’s in position. This was fire tho. Straight Sauce!

Max ThaDemon x Ciggy Black x Kev Hundo – World War III

Man, Listen! This was crazy right here. The difference between Max and other white rappers is when he talk his shit, it sounds realistic. Max went crazy on this jawn! This what New York Sound Like!! I been hearing about Max ThaDemon for a lil mintue now, it was only right i do my homework on him. Ciggy Black & Kev went nuts lowkey. Everything was done right with this. Once i heard him say “Red dot on his head like he Hindu” I was like Max need to chill lol. Max didn’t curse this whole song this how you know he got talent. My favorite verse on this was “When you see me it’s terrorism, See ya big homie dead well you can get buried wit em, send bro and I know he hit em” 🔥🔥🔥 Max got the sauce right now, so Im anxious to see how he maneuver in the light.


Drew Cash x Tsu Surf x Albee Al – Typa Nigga

JERSEY! I Came for Tsu Surf & Albee Al but stayed for everybody because this was dope. 🔥 I been waiting on Albee an Surf to drop some shit for awhile. They damn near the best in the state and we rarely see them cook. Everybody did they thing but Surf got the best part hands down. Albee was close with him on this though. Surf was talking it addressing real issues on his life/career while not making his self hot. I think we need an Albee Al x Tsu Surf Mixtape. Its about time the two heavy hitters give us one together. They sauced on this jawn.. That Work!

C Davis – Drip

Chad Davis is a rising artist from a small town in (West Texas). He started messing with music in ’08 in high school. .Everything he does is mostly by his self. He produces most of his music already and eventually would like to get into videography in the months to come. He’s just waiting till the opportunity presents itself. Chad’s main goal is to be able to be the man in the family to make a way for everybody to eat because ” we have so much talent that just needs the right light to shine on it.” He’s just tryna handle everything the right way. This single ” Drip ” was released a few months ago. He has great potential as an artist. Can’t wait to hear more from him. I wanna see how he grows musically. 


CityBoy Willis – All In My Head [EP]

City Boi Willis is a rising artist from LA even though he’s been in Sacramento for 10 years. He just dropped his EP on me. I listened to it a few times and he’s pretty good. My few songs Im fucking with on this EP are ” Puttin’ In Work, Hustle that muscle (Interlude), & Tryna get my shit right.” The whole jawn is good though from start to finish.. He’s been doing his thing for awhile now and he’s looking to make want to make music full time. He has another EP called Live & Learn available on every platform!! City got a 5 song EP called Hidden Agenda coming soon!! With 2 more projects in the works, he’s keeping the music coming trying to elevate and motivate. He wants to tour high schools to perform/mentor and promote a motivational message to the youth. Currently, working on several films and web series as well.. He’s planning to transition into film. A spontaneous artist and with a ton of goals. His eyes wide open and he saucing his way up slowly. This project was a good listen. 

Shotgun Suge ft. All Star Da Great

Fat Suge & All Star did they thing on this jawn! I seen the snippet and had to hear the whole joint! This is what New Jersey sound like. Suge putting on for the state something heavy. I don’t think he gets the credit he deserves. One of my favorite artists in the state. He reppin the set too, so its only right I talk about this! They was talking that shit on here. Straight Sauce!