New Sauce Alert! Straight pressure right here. I think FBG Duck found his old self. This is the Duck that I’m used to. FBG Duck Is one of Chicago’s legendary artists. He overcame a whole lot to get where he is now. Always been an X factor musically. FBG DuckContinue Reading

New York, New York (April 16th, 2020) – Washington D.C. native Fat Eric links up with Tae Moneybagz, aka Big Gordo for a hustle & passion themed single titled “No Loiterin’.” Modeled after the classic Jeezy and T.I. Southern rap songs of the early 2000s. This latest single emphasize theContinue Reading

Straight 🔥🔥🔥 once again! I said it before that Tazz was gonna be a problem when he start apply pressure. This remix hard body. I couldn’t wait for this to drop. Definitely can see this hitting a mill if it catch the right flame. Tazz bodied this joint. New YorkContinue Reading