Piif Jones x Jay Rozay x Kiing Shooter – Get To The Bag

Piif Jones linked up with Jay Rozay & Kiing Shooter for this banger “Get To The Bag” & I’m definitely fucking with this. Dave East & his camp really feeding the streets with quality music right now. Shooter verse was cold as a mf. New York is definitely in a good state when it comes to hip hop. Im loving all the new music thats coming outta NY except 69. I know these guys is real and ain’t n cappin with nothing. This that work!

Kur “Home Invasion” (WSHH Exclusive – Official Music Video)

I been waiting on this since the EP Dropped. Kur woke alot of people up with the new project. him and Maaly Raw went crazy together. When Kur said “The best to come out of philly nigga, period!” I felt that! He really went ghost for a little bit then came back, dropped some heat and got right back where he started. One of my favorite rappers in the game. He really is a true MC. The visuals is off the chain! This my shit right here, Straight Sauce!

Pooch Loc – What Is Gangsta

Pooch Loc gave us a good piece of work. I been bumpin cuz shit since it dropped. I didn’t skip not one song on this project. Definitely one of the best projects I’ve heard all year and probably Pooch’s best work yet. The culture needed this. This is hip hop. He talked his shit through this whole project. Some of my fav songs are ” Walk “, ” Figure It Out”, ” Ricky Retarted “, &  ” I pop a pill “. Pooch represented the locs  well with this shit right here. Definitely something i’ll be listening to down the line. This that work! Harlem Baby!

Law We Live By – Chainz Gully (Official Video)

NEW must & see edit by Chainz Gully & Shot by @thirdworldstudiosinc ” It’s Time To Bomb On Niggas .On The Way …Now Watch What Your Baby Do: The Album 🔥💯 Hits Everything I Do I’m Gone Make Sure Y’all Feel It “. Big bro been going off for awhile now. He been consistent with dropping quality music. Everything he be dropping, be like street poetry. Remind me a lil bit of OBH Dark Lo. Gully always spitting some real shit. This that work! 

DeeSavv – Bullshit (Official Music Video)

Aww ma, Dee Savv just went the hell off on this jawn. He letting people know early he aint with the bullshit. He did his thing on this. He is very versatile so im definitely interested to see what he’s got coming next. He sauced on this bih tho! Somebody get the fire extinguisher. 

S.Dot (Dotarachi) – Feel It In The Air (Official Video)

My Guy Dotarachi still on his bully and underrated. The sample was dope, he had me with that.He went off on this jawn right here.. Felt like he was talking to me when he was spittin.. He been going off even before LA died. As long as he stay on his grind, he good. Dope artists who make quality music always win. He’s definitely next up to be #1 in Chicago. When he said ” Niggaz fake, i cut off several homies , stick to myself cause sometimes it’s better lonely 🔥 ” I felt every word. This straight sauce!

Don Q – [Don Season 2 Mixtape]

Don Q is a fucking beast! One of his best work of arts yet. Ever since Don dropped the first Don Season, i knew he was gonna be a contender. Like I’ve always said, him and Dave East are really neck & neck in the race for the KiNG OF NY! Don been dropping heat from radio freestyles, to remixes all year etc.. He said this was coming and i wasn’t really expecting this. Nobody really fucking with Don right now. The streets needed this. The culture needed this. He bodied this whole project. Straight Sauce!

Ray Mula “Live On Lex” Ft Meeno x One (Official Music Video)

HARLEM BABY! This what the culture needed. Straight sauce

Real Recognize Rio – “Buddy Dem” (Official Video)

Aww shit! Rio did it again! This my shit right here.. Soon as i was, i clicked. Rio nice lowkey and be having hits on the low. The Atlanta artist been doing his thing for awhile now. I was souped when he dropped this cous i been waiting for this! This give me Money Bag vibes and i don’t even listen to MoneyBaggYo.. This my shit right here. ” Buddy Dem ” gonna definitely have you coming out ya seat. This a banger! Straight Sauce from Rio..

YMM Captain – Outside (ThirtyVisuals Exclusive)

YMM Captain dropping bangers lately. All from his mixtape ” Black Hearted ” which is on spinrilla. He definitely next up! The music is A1 from the quality down to the bars. This Project definitely gives us a look inside his world. His whole tape is raw AF. Love to hear good quality music that serves its purpose. Hope YMM Captain can keep this up. He’s consistent with everything right now. This single “Outside” is one of my favs off the project. Shit on point. Straight Sauce!

Trill Gang f/ Silent Pressure – Trill Gang (Official Video)

Trill Gang on they bully right now. Im rocking with them heavy. They been dropping bangers lately..keep it coming.. Im all here for it.. Anytime i get something good in my ears gotta put it to the light. This some real shit right here! Im definitely waiting on more.