C.A.M – Setting The Pace

Straight fire now with the music video for East London’s C.A.M, and the track taken from his upcoming EP, titled ‘Setting The Pace.’ The new EP, ‘Persian Rugs EP,’ drops 3 September and judging this track that is straight flames, the project is due to be a madness. This track has it all, sick double time flows, gritty wordplay and a beat with a real screwface attitude. The UK has some serious musical talents and C.A.M is one of the finest examples.

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Rallo – “Eviction Notice” (Official Video)

Ain’t even gone front when i clicked i kinda slept but Rallo woke me up with this. He snapped on this jawn from beginning to end. I feel like he’s one of the hottest artists coming outta St. Louis if not the hottest. Replayed it like 20x already lol..  Rallo Sauced on em with this one! He applying pressure and i love it. Straight sauce!

Vado – JaVale McGee [Official Video]

Yup. Vado delivers bars with consistency once again! I hope Vado realizes that when he signed to WTB khaled was just was holding him back. I like him better with Killa cam and the UN. Vado keep supplying the streets and im loving it. Vado one of my fav N.Y.C spittas that make me not turn off to hip hop.! Keep spittin that fire. This was heavy.. Long Live Chinx.. Sauce2x

Kur – [Smoked Out Mixtape] Prod. By Maaly Raw

This is what we needed. Kur is back on his bully and he’s delivering. I know he felt his self slipping a lil bit but he picked it up. Kur definitely one of my fav spitters in the rap culture right now. The Philadelphia native been doing his thing for awhile now.. It makes it even better that this whole project is produced by Maaly Raw. Maaly Raw my favorite producer. His beats be so raw. These 2 are a match made in heaven. This tape is definitely in the playlist. Every song on this jawn is heavy. Kur really talk that talk. Yall need to go put some substance to your ears.. straight sauce!

TMBB Japan – Die Young ( Official Music Video )

TMBB Japan is out here going off. He just need more sauce thats about it. This song right here is straight sauce! Bars + Story + Editing 👍🏾 🔥 ! This deserves major credit.. Real Talk. He been releasing some new content and its looking good. I already know he got more coming and can’t wait to hear the new heat. This Jawn wavy tho.. 

Pop Lotti – Go Crazy Pt.2 (Official Video)

Cuz Pop Lotti back for a ” Go Crazy Part 2 ” and its fire. If yall didn’t see the first one, yall should because now they’re both on the blog. The NY artist is stepping his game up each time he give us something. This video is heavy and it was dope that he addressed what was going on with an acquaintance of his & the rapper Dave East. He straight chewed this shit up though. This jawn for the hood right here. straight sauce!

CMDWN Feat. Chief Keef & Ca$tro Guapo “Roxanne” (Official Music Video)

Didn’t think this video would make it to Worldstar. Glad it did tho because this jawn heavy.. Shoutout to CMDWN x Ssoa x Cat$ro Guapo for this banger.. I love when Sosa hop on features because he always go off. He been in the cut lately.. Guapo got a project coming soon and im anxious to see what he working with. Definitely tuned in. #Sauce!

Poppa Da Don x Abillyon – Smoked

New Joint from one of my favorite locs Poppa Da Don & Abillyon. This is a good collab right here. Poppa been putting on for NY and the locs. So much more to come from Poppa.. He’s adjusting to this shit well.. Can’t wait to see what its like when he apply pressure. This Shit Sauced up tho! Check it


Finally Free [Mixtape} By. Fat Trel

Ain’t gone lie, Gleesh been sketchy the past few years even though he’s been dropping shit.. Some shit be fire and some don’t. I always said if Fat Trel got back on his bully, He’ll be back as one of the best underground artists doing it. This mixtape ” Finally Free ” is nuts! Fat Trel is back from that hiatus. Ever since he dropped 1800-Call-Trel, he been killing everything moving.. my favorite joints on this is ” What it is ” & ” Come In “. The vibes this project gives off is dope.. You can literally play the whole tape NO SKIPS! Fat Trel saucing his way back up slowly. Definitely one of my fav mixtapes of 2018!

Stream It Here

Harrd Luck Feat. Dave East “Where To Start” (Official Video)

The video is finally here! Always thought Harrdy was nice but never thought I’ll witness a day he bodied Dave East on a track on some Renegade shit. This shit gave me goosebumps.. Harrdy and East go crazy when they together..  You know East always talk his shit! This shit different. Straight sauce. 

King Shooter Feat. Dave East “Eye Witness” (Official Music Video)

Dave East always working. Dave the most underrated in this game. You work, get your spot & then bring your mans in… East did it right!!! Salute!. More sauce coming from these guys and you know they got heat for us. East dropping heat like crazy

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