La4ss f/ AMR Dee Huncho – Trap Nigga (Official Music Video)

This jawn is heavy! St. Louis really turnt right now. This the 4ss I was waiting for🔥🔥. Remember, i first heard about LA4ss years ago and i always thought/still think he got star potential. I love it ❤🔥 especially The Energy. The only song that I really fuck with  💯really since he been out of jail. He straight snapped on this joint. Dee Honcho did his thing on this too. They should catch some steam with this. This that sauce right here!


Suspect Jay – Dawg (Official Music Video)

Jay with another one! This really a banger right here. Real shit from the core. He ain’t rapping just to rap. I fuck with this jawn heavy. New York got the streets when it comes to music. So many people sleep on the artists that’s coming up because these other cats putting out bullshit. This some real shit right here. Had to listen to it a few times to grasp some of the clever shit he said and the whole time, i was saying “I felt that”. He be talking his shit & it make sense. Definitely an artist to watch this year! I covered him before when he went off the the old jawn. He representing real hip hop. He sauced on this. This It. Pay attention! That sauce I be talking about.

Patrick Moss – Misunderstood [EP]

Pat Moss out here doing his thing fr! I think the 21 year old artist coming straight outta Columbia, South Carolina got crazy potential to be big in this industry! This whole project is straight fire! Definitely better than what was expected. He been doing his thing for awhile now, so he need his credit. Everything he put out straight quality! He got a single ” Demons In My Beamer ” dropping withing the next few weeks. He got alot of unreleased sauce with no release dates that I hope to get my ears on asap. Artist To Watch, SERIOUSLY! I bumped this project numerous times and will continue to keep bumping. This that work right here. Y’all better stop sleeping. Straight Sauce!

Harrdluck x Cory North – Lord Willing

JERSEY!!1! My guy Harrdluck got some shit right here. I been waiting on this to drop since i seen his litte studio performance. Salute to Cory North for his part. He did his thing on the hook fr! Harrdluck still out here spitting real shit making it sound good. Probably one of my fav joints from him right here. This was definitely a video to watch. Some of the shit he was saying was too relatable and i felt like he was talking to me. Not alot of rappers that talk that talk like Harrdy! TOP 5 COMING OUT OF JERSEY. He putting on for us! The visuals was A1! Straight sauce right here.

FBG Duck x FBG Dutchie – “ Turn Up 4 Ya Mans “

This shit crazy!! Duck went crazy on this jawn 💪🏼💪🏼🚀🔥. FBG applying pressure on these guys. They really sauced up something crazy in under a year. They almost catching GBE wave when Sosa first came out. They have they own sound which makes the shit they do even harder. Not gonna lie, I love it when FBG squad make dark rap like this.. They talking that talk on this jawn. I know some folks mad about this. Even though some artists trying to steal their sauce, They can’t even come close. They are the Hottest group coming outta Chicago right now. No cap! This was straight sauce!

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