Netflix has announced that it will be experimenting with the release schedules of two reality TV shows, The Circle and Too Hot to Handle (via The Hollywood Reporter). Instead of releasing all of the episodes at once, it will release them over the course of a month, with each showContinue Reading

Warner Bros. will return to releasing its theatrical films exclusively in theaters next year, Deadline reports. The decision ends the studio’s 2021 experiment of releasing major films like Wonder Woman 1984, Godzilla vs. Kong, Mortal Kombat, The Suicide Squad, Dune,and The Matrix 4 simultaneously on its HBO Max streaming serviceContinue Reading

If you’ve watched even just an episode of The Mandalorian, you know this: Grogu is always hungry. The little guy, previously known as Baby Yoda, is constantly snacking, whether it’s on endangered frog eggs or newly spawned spider monsters. Sometimes, he just needs a nice cup of bone broth toContinue Reading

You might have heard there’s a global semiconductor shortage going on, and that PC graphics cards in particular are nearly impossible to find. What you probably haven’t heard is that the situation has steadily been growing worse — to the point some GPUs are worth triple their MSRP. Above, you’llContinue Reading

Niantic, developer of the smash hit Pokémon Go, has announced a new partnership with Nintendo. The first new game from the collaboration will be a mobile augmented reality game based on Nintendo’s popular Pikmin franchise, and it will launch later this year. Details are thin right now, but Niantic saysContinue Reading