Kursh – Channel 35

Kursh, a Twenty-three year old creative juggernaut who was raised in Sicklerville, NJ. A small suburban town within the Greater Philadelphia Area. A college dropout who is turning his dreams into reality. Kursh’s music is very diverse; which is filled with storytelling, angelic melodies, and an occasional ignorance that the average ear will be able … More Kursh – Channel 35

PaqGod – Covid 93

PaqGod (formerly known as Khari G) is talented artist residing in the Bay Area of California orginally from southeast Washington, DC. Paq has made his own lane for himself within his own lane, managing to mix a nice blend of two different coasts nearly effortlessly. After the passing of his mother due to cancer in … More PaqGod – Covid 93

New Music & To Listen To? Here is "InTheSauceWeTrust" Playlist on Spotify!

What’s going on folks. I know in this day & age finding new music and new artists to listen to can be very hard. Saturation on social media, streaming platforms etc.. is at an all time high! Exact reason why I created my own Spotify playlist. It’s a lot of new artists doing their thing … More New Music & To Listen To? Here is "InTheSauceWeTrust" Playlist on Spotify!

Lett Loose – Something About U Ni$$as feat. Padapuck & Will Guice

Rising new artist Lett Loose just released his newest single “Something About U Niggas” feat. Papaduck and Will Guice & they talking that talk on this! Lett loose is an OG in the rap game originally from North Carolina by way of Denver Colorado but now resides in Houston Tx. where he’s handling the music … More Lett Loose – Something About U Ni$$as feat. Padapuck & Will Guice


Rising artist BSL Stunna drops off his project 11/19 with 8 tracks of fire! The rising artist BSL Stunna & The Backstreet Music family held a back to school event which book bags and school supplies were provided to kids throughout the surrounding neighborhoods last year.. In 2019 BSL Stunna was featured in “VoyageATL , … More BSLSTUNNA – 11/19

Ray – Slides 2

The homie Ray is a 21 year old rising artist from Kissimmee Florida& he’s been making music for about 3 years on the grind heavy!. His latest mixtape “Slides 2” is available everywhere & it’s pretty solid. His fans have been waiting on this for about 2 years now.He recently had a gig to open … More Ray – Slides 2

(LifeNoize) B Rad Garcia & LN Deuce – Winner

Straight vibes right here. They go by LifeNoize a (music collective). It’s B Rad Garcia, LN Deuce & DJ Preserve303. They’ve been making music all their lives but been professionally at it for 3 years. All hailing from Denver, Colorado. The Music Collective produce the majority of their work. They grinding heavy right now, currently … More (LifeNoize) B Rad Garcia & LN Deuce – Winner