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New Amsterdam Sneak Peek: Dr. Sharpe Receives a Surprising Promotion at the Worst Time

A lot at once.

In this exclusive clip from tonight, April 6’s all-new episode of New Amsterdam, Dr. Helen Sharpe (Freema Agyeman) gets blindsided by work news while dealing with a family matter. As fans of the show well know, Helen is dealing with the aftermath of her brother’s death, which includes helping her niece Mina (Nadia Affolter) find a place to live.

Yet, as the exclusive clip above shows, Mina isn’t happy with Helen’s relocation decision. “How could you do this to me?!” Helen’s niece sounds off. “I’m not going to Dubai.”

Shocked by the call, Helen responds, “Mina, just give me a second to catch—”

Before Helen can finish her sentence, she is cut off by Mina, who reveals she has “a whole life” where she is. “If you had bothered to call after my father died, you’d know that,” Mina continues. “Do you know how far Dubai is from Tehran?”


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