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Morgan Stewart Shares Every Brutally Honest Detail About Giving Birth to Baby Row

In typical Morgan fashion, she joked that she owes the nurse “a diamond ring” after this experience. “There was an eruption of water and she was like, ‘Was that the balloon?'” Morgan relayed. “I was like, ‘Pretty sure that is me.’ There was an entire puddle on the floor.”

Despite the eruption of water, Morgan stayed dilated at four centimeters for nine hours on the 16th. Another unexpected moment? Row’s face was tilted upwards, forcing Morgan to rotate positions every 35 minutes.

“I had to lay flat on my stomach with my big belly, boobs flat down with a balloon in-between my legs,” she further shared. “By the way, I had two bags of pee on the side of me—Gatorade yellow.”

Thankfully, it took only 35 minutes of pushing for Row to arrive. “They put her on my chest, I bawled. Don’t tell anyone,” Morgan gushed. “I just remember feeling like she was so small. I was staring at her, I was so overwhelmed.”


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