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Which Amazon devices support Amazon Music HD?

Alexa-enabled Echo devices (2nd generation and later), Fire TVs and Fire Tablets all support HD quality audio. The Echo Studio, Echo Link, and Echo Amp support Ultra HD quality audio. Learn more about Alexa-enabled Amazon devices.

How can I find and play HD and Ultra HD Audio Music on my Alexa-enabled device?

Amazon Music will always play the best available audio quality that your device and network supports. Since Amazon Music HD has over 60 million tracks available in HD audio, in most cases your music will automatically play in HD quality or better. The best way to browse HD and Ultra HD music is with the Amazon Music app. Songs and albums available in HD or Ultra HD will have an “HD” or “Ultra HD” badge. To play music on your Alexa-enabled device, connect to Alexa Cast by tapping on the Casting icon on the Now Playing screen. Then, connect to your device and select music to start playing. To play Ultra HD music on your Echo Studio, you can also try asking for Ultra HD playlists such as “Alexa, play the Best of Ultra HD Playlist”.

Which iOS devices support Amazon Music HD?

Most iPhones and iPads released since 2014 (devices running on iOS 11, or later) can support HD/Ultra HD (up to 24-bit, 48kHz) without any additional equipment. In order to play songs at higher sample rates (96 or 192 kHz), iPhone customers can connect an external DAC capable of supporting those higher sample rates.

Apple AirPlay supports HD quality playback.

Which Android devices support Amazon Music HD?

Most Android devices released since 2014 can support HD/Ultra HD playback (up to 48kHz). Please ensure that your device is running on Android Lollipop, or later.

At this time Amazon Music HD is not supported on Chromecast.

Which Mac devices support Amazon Music HD?

Any Mac from 2013 or later supports HD/Ultra HD. However, adjusting the default Mac audio settings is required to listen in the highest quality:

  • Go to Applications/Utilities folder
  • Open “Audio MIDI”
  • Update speaker or headphone “Format” setting to the highest sample rate for 24-bit (96 kHz or 192 kHz)

Which Windows devices support Amazon Music HD?

PC support for HD/Ultra HD playback depends on the built-in audio player and DAC, which varies by device. Please check your manufacturer specifications.

Which home audio devices support Amazon Music HD?

Amazon Music is integrated in to many home audio devices, including receivers, amplifiers, speakers, and sound bars. Often, you can control playback directly by signing in to Amazon Music within the manufacturer application. Learn more about our preferred partners.

We are constantly working to bring Amazon Music to more devices by partnering with leading audio manufacturers. If your device is not listed in our preferred brands, you may still be able to play Amazon Music HD through a wired or wireless connection on your device.

How do I know if I need an external DAC?

If your device has a built-in DAC that does not support HD/Ultra HD audio, then you need an external DAC when connecting your player to your headphones or speakers to listen in HD/Ultra HD.

In order to play Ultra HD, the external DAC at a minimum must be capable of processing files with a bit depth of 24-bit and sample rates of at least 44.1 kHz. Check the DAC specifications to ensure it can play higher sample rates available with Ultra HD (48 kHz, 96 kHz, 192 kHz).

On iOS, disable the Alexa Wake Word feature in Settings to ensure playback through your DAC at the highest resolution.

At this time, external DACs are not supported on Android.


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