Whether you teach in a private studio or a school classroom – instrumental or voice – this innovative website will become an indispensable learning tool.
MusicLearningCommunity.com is a remarkable learning resource of hundreds of colorful, animated music games that teach essential theory and aural skills – a breakthrough Internet website carefully designed for professional music teachers and their students.

Solid pedagogy … learning through games!

MusicLearningCommunity.com enhances your current teaching curriculum and correlates with all popular piano teaching methods and state/national standards. As students learn through games, they’re reinforcing the music skills you’ve taught them.

“…once people play these games, they’re HOOKED! And knowing that teachers can cross-reference the games with their method of choice makes them tremendously appealing.” – Michelle Gordon, NCTM, independent piano teacher

The pedagogy behind MusicLearningCommunity.com is solid and focuses on developing the complex thought processes required to read music efficiently and become a Lifetime Musician.

“We are so enjoying the site! It’s working great with the Smart Board and classroom participation. The kids love it. We had a family night and featured this site. The Rhythm Factory game was a hit with the dads!!” – Judi Reynolds, Southern Elementary, Fayette, KY

How does it work?

For one low monthly membership fee – $19.95/month – you and your students (up to 50) have unlimited 24-hour-a-day access to all the learning games at your studio and at home or any Internet-enabled computer.
MusicLearningCommunity.com is Internet-based, so there’s no software for you or your students to buy.

It pays for itself

Many of our teacher-members charge their students $1.00 (or more) per month which is usually more than enough to cover MusicLearningCommunity.com’s monthly subscription. Even after six months, the cost to the student is still less than the price of one theory book.
If you’re not using a computer in your studio, your students can still play the games at home or from any computer that connects to the Internet.
Our teacher-members who use a computer in their studios get double benefit because students can do the Learn and Play levels of the games at home and then do the Quiz levels of the games in the studio computer lab.

“A tremendous hit! You have captured such a refreshing and wholesome tone to these games and learning activities. They are a delight to the eye, the sounds are splendid, the pedagogy is excellent, three cheers – and then some!!” – Mary Gae George, NCTM,
author of Artistry at the Piano

Parents can see measurable progress!

When students play the extraordinary games on this website, they fall naturally into the learning process. And they’re often so absorbed in “playing” that they don’t even realize they’re learning – discovering solid music concepts that are transforming them into Lifetime Musicians.
Parents are thrilled to have their children spending time online working on their music skills instead of mindlessly surfing the Web. They can see their child’s joy in playing the games, and they’ll observe solid progress as their child moves through the carefully planned curriculum.

What does a studio membership include?

Don’t delay! Come play today!
Start your students playing their way toward a higher level of music literacy, sightreading skill, and success.


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