VST Plug-in Pack 7

Pack of 30 VST plug-ins.

Windows Freeware 2001-05-01 95db MusicMatch Jukebox 10

Play, Rip, Burn MP3s and CDs, Transfer to portable devices ,Access Musicmatch On Demand, Buy downloads in the Music Store.

Windows Freeware 90db ESS Technology ES1688 Audio Driver

ES1688 Audio Driver

Windows Freeware 85db GSnap v1.1

Auto-tune effect. [VST]

Windows Freeware 2013-10-16 85db YAMAHA SY1

Nine nice samples of one of Yamaha’s first synthesizers

Windows Freeware 2001-07-01 85db VA – Visual Analyser 2011

Oscilloscope and Spectrum Analyser

Windows Freeware 2013-01-25 85db JetAudio v8.1.1

Multimedia Station for CD, WAV, RA, MP3, MID, Video.

Windows Freeware 2014-06-04 80db Quartz AudioMaster Freeware v4.6

Real-time multi-track recorder and MIDI sequencer.

Windows Freeware 2000-11-20 80db iTunes 11.0.1

Software jukebox, music store and listening library.

Windows Free 2012-12-15 80db Pro Tools FREE

Professional 24bit Multi track recording and MIDI sequencing software

Windows Freeware 2000-10-26 80db Voice To Instrument 1.0

Convert your voice into a musical instrument. [VST]

Windows Free 2011-02-22 80db FreeverbToo v1.72

Studio-quality reverb-plugin. [VST]

Windows Freeware 2010-02-09 80db Voxengo SPAN 2.10

Real-time spectrum analyzer. [VST/AU]

Mac Freeware 2016-03-04 80db Karaoke Words Extractor v1.0

Extract song words and info from MIDI Karaoke files

DOS Freeware 1998-04-19 80db MuLab Free 7

Top-quality sound and music production system for Mac OSX and Windows, transforming your computer into an inspiring modular studio.

Windows Freeware 2016-06-06 80db Effectizer v1.1

Effects suite. [VST]

Windows Freeware 2005-01-05 80db AdLib Waveform Driver

Play WAVE files through the adlib sound card

Win 3.1 Freeware 1992-06-16 75db Power Tab Editor v1.7 build 80

Tablature editor.

Windows Freeware 2008-08-25 75db Spectrum Analyzer v1.04

Real-time spectrum analysis plugin. [VST]

Windows Freeware 2010-01-27 75db DirectX 9.0c Runtime

Better graphics, faster frame rates, and more immersive audio.

Windows Freeware 2004-08-04 75db Sound Blaster Live! Drivers

The latest Sound Blaster Live! drivers for Windows NT

Windows Freeware 2000-05-05 75db SimulAnalog Guitar Suite

Simulation of some famous guitar amplifiers and stompboxes including Fender – who also have a low-cost Acoustic Guitar.

Windows Freeware 2010-05-20 75db Macaw v3.01

Implements a clip based MIDI sequencer, which drives a bunch of built in plugins, MIDI devices and VST plugins. It has a soundfont loader and wave editor.

Windows Free 2009-07-16 75db Diamond Multimedia Rio PMP300 Drivers

The latest drivers for your Rio player

Windows Freeware 1999-02-04 75db RealOne Player Basic

Listen to streaming audio & video on the web

XP Freeware 2002-08-01 75db KeroVee 1.61

Pitch Correction. [VST]

Windows Freeware 2013-04-09 75db Audacity v2.1.2

Audacity is a Cross-platform, multi-track sound editor and DAW.

Windows Free 2016-05-02 75db KRISTAL Audio Engine v1.0.1

Multitrack recorder, audio sequencer and mixer.

Windows Freeware 2004-06-05 75db Podium Free 3.2.1

Digital audio workstation that brings together audio harddisk recording, VST plugins and external MIDI and audio gear. Works well with a USB Audio Adapter. [Hosts VST Plugins]

Windows Free 2014-03-12 75db Rebirth RB-338 v2.0.1

Software emulation of TR-303s and one TR-808.

Windows Freeware 2005-09-01 75db


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