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  • In The Studio with Carmen Gomes – Producer’s Note

    by Peter Bjørnild


    As I am writing this I am listening with my player randomly playing through these Sound Liaison recordings with Carmen Gomes Inc., I notice similarities and differences. If I name the similarities first, that’s the easy list. It’s the same band, recorded in the same […]

  • Exton, Triton, Cryston, Audio Lab Join NativeDSD

    by Jonas Sacks


    Octavia Records has granted NativeDSD Music permission to offer albums from their DSD catalog to customers worldwide, from all the labels they represent. Some listeners may be familiar with the Exton, Triton, Cryston and Audio Lab labels. Their DSD Classical and Jazz recordings are coming […]

  • Interview with the musicians of “Reflections”

    by Bill Dodd


    NativeDSD Reviewer Bill Dodd interviewed Sarah Kapustin & Roeland Jagers about their brand new DSD Album “Reflections” for violin and viola. Out now on Navis Classics. Why is the album entitled “Reflections”? R: We were playing with the idea of a musical conversation, featuring the […]

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