The Damage Control collective shares the love for old school industrial – interview

Collaborations are common on the industrial scene, but Damage Control takes it to the next level. So be warned: there’s some serious namedropping in this interview, including Chris Peterson, Phil Western, Greg Reely, Claus Larsen and Gin Devo.
Damage Control is quite new on the scene, having only released one album so far. It’s quite a strong album, and now it sort of returns albeit in remixed form. It’s all about the love for groovy old-school industrial music like Front Line Assembly, Noise Unit and Skinny Puppy. We asked Bill Barsby some questions, he is the main man behind the name and resides in Melbourne, Australia. [more…]

New single & video with Mobile Homes feat. Johan Renck

The new single and video, ”The Sorrow Stays for Good”, from The Mobile Homes featuring Johan Renck (Stakka Bo) is out today. [more…]

Perturbator goes EBM on new track

French synthwave superstar Perturbator is back with new material. [more…]

We have updated our Spotify playlist with new tracks from Echo Image (remixed by Apoptygma Berzerk), Kreign, Actors, Dive, Solar Fake, Seven Trees, Black Nail Cabaret and Blutengel. Another update is imminent – a lot going on now.

The winners of the Manifest Awards have been presented. [more…]

First single from Echo Image in 20 years

Norwegian synthpop band Echo Image burned bright and fast back in 2001 when they released the acclaimed album “Compuphonic” – and then more or less disappeared. As we wrote one year ago, they’re back.


The Best of 2020 list and a Spotify list from Niklas Forsberg, Release Magazine. [more…]

New song/video from Kreign, taken from new Scanner comp.

Arizona EBM duo Kreign released their critically acclaimed debut album last year and now they’re back with a new energetic song. Watch the video below. [more…]

Swedish radio shows Blå måndag (Blue Monday) and Radio Virus have presented the first ”Synthsläggan” (Synth Sledgehammer) awards for 2020. [more…]

You know FM Einheit from Einstürzende Neubauten and one of his latest projects –where he interpretes dreams as told by other artists – is now reissued on double CD. [more…]


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