It’s a sauce pleasure to introduce you guys to my favorite album out as of right now titled “B4 The Love 2 : After The HateBy. Foe Huned. This album right here is pure fire!. The Jersey artist Foe Huned has been on his music grind for awhile now. I became a fan when I first heard his music years ago & to see him evolve to this is epic. I’m still on the fact that he released an album, a single & a music video all in the middle of a pandemic, that’s work ethic different!  If you’re the type to value true bars, real life story telling, & grind music, this is definitely the album for you. My guy was talking that sauce talk on this entire project! Watching his growth musically has been really interesting. His music been evolving over time as some of his old music gets better with time. I get mad when I think about how underrated he is.

I sat on this for a minute because I just couldn’t stop listening to it, but you know it had to hit the blog. He kept it real as possible on this joint. He giving out motivational vibes right through the whole album. My fellow Jersey native out here putting on. Over 500,000 streams accumulated since it dropped. He got THE SAUCE! Foe Huned been catching bodies with these tracks. A few of my favorite joints off the album are ” Right or Wrong, “Turf”, “Buss Down”, & “Questions” featuring Cruch Calhoun. I’ve been a fan of Foe’s music since the beginning. We need to give him his credit for this. This Album put him in a league of his own. My loc did his thing on this though. That sauce! This project is a masterpiece, truthfully! That Sauce!

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