Nigel Dior | The Love That Never Was

Nigel Dior is a rising rapper, singer, songwriter, and producer hailing from Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn. He just dropped off his new project titled “The Love That Never Was” which is available everywhere! 7 tracks of pure sauce right here! Had to sit with this for a little to catch all the vibes.

He’s been taking the music craft seriously for about 4 years now. Nigel recently dropped a few singles by the names of “Something Different” which is a down to earth everyday relatable vibe & “Gold” which is a vibe made for the females.

The homie Nigel just creating & growing throughout his grind & you can hear it. I definitely enjoyed listening to the project this way. This joint solid from the beginning to end. He’s doing his thing as a quality artist dropping quality music. He’s keeping a few artists on they toes with this one.  That sauce right here!

Stream the project below:

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