Foogiano feat. Lil Baby – Trapper (Remix)

Foogiano 🔥!!!!!! This song underrated. Foogiano done came a long way since performing wit Euro Gotti on jan 19th when he was just unsigned & now he just making moves left and right. He just signed with Gucci Mane’s 1017 Label after signing to Authentic Empire Music Group (Label out of ATL). He got a few bangers out right now especially his joint “Molly” which is almost at 500,000 views on YouTube. Foogiano taking over soon! Da Mayor next up heard it here first. This got to be one of the hottest songs out right now. Lil baby ain’t letting up right now. It’s like the song took off to a whole nother level when Baby start spitting 🔥 🔥 🔥. I really Baby caught a body on this 🔥. It’s a reason why he’s one of the hottest in the game. They straight sauced & made a movie with this! Sauce!

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