Drizzy Juliano – "Paved The Way" (Music Video) |

Drizzy Juliano with that sauce again💯🔥🔥 !!! This joint official right here. He putting his foot on necks this year. NYC is Heavy! I said 2020 is going to a “Big Year“ for Drizzy Juliano!! Mark my words. The homie Drizzy got flipped & bodied “No Regrets”, then went crazy on “G.O.A.T” & he just been in his bag. You can see & feel the hunger. He delivered that pressure always. Straight walked on this! Even though, it’s a bunch of artists coming out of NY doing drill, Drizzy is a good lyricist and song maker. Drizzy speak that pain talk. He really stepping up the music x10000. Every joint he seem to drop gets better & better. That’s all I want to hear is bars I can relate on, he’s speaking for all of us if y’all pay attention 🔥🔥 . Can’t wait for this to hit Spotify. That Sauce Right Here! NOTHING BUT HEAT 🔥🔥🔥. Straight Sauce!

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