Slick Talk Swizzy x Reemo Van Prez – “Same N**ga” (Music Video) | 🎬 @MeetTheConnectTv – SauceFromVeli


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Slick Talk Swizzy x Reemo Van Prez – “Same N**ga” (Music Video) | 🎬 @MeetTheConnectTv

Reemo Van Prez teams up with Slick Talk Swizzy to deliver a a banger. Reemo stepped his game all the way up musically. He been putting nothing but quality sauce since I became a fan. He walking heavy on this joint. The song started strong with Swizzy🔥. He was talking crazy on this! Didn’t expect him to body this like he did but he got that. Slick Talk at it’s finest. Reemo is 🔥🔥🔥🔥. Even though I only came for Reemo, Swizzy did not disappoint at all. Played this back a few times. This definitely be on the aux at the parties I’m at. They got one with this. Straight body. They sauced on this joint. Should’ve been hit the blog but it’s here now. That Sauce Right Here!

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