The Lit Tape EP By Offset Zay

Offset Zay is a rising hip-hop artist out of Newman Georgia. He started his rap career recording songs off an iPod, recorded his first song at his friends studio, and when his brother Maurice (YB) heard it, he was inspired to push and manage him as an artist. Offset Zay a.k.a OZ has spent the next 3 years mastering his artistry and developing his original sound. He is currently managed under BallSTARZ Entertainment which is, ran, and managed by his brother (YB). They currently have a distribution deal with Bentley Records based in New York. Through this distribution deal Offset Zay has 3 singles available on iTunes, Apple Music, and all major streaming platforms with more to come. He got some good work. Good potential and he got bars.. Definitely a project to check out. Make sure you stay with him on social media [IG]: @ozthebrand [SC]: Tballer1657 [Twitter]: @ozthebrand [FB]: Offset Zay

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