Cause We Felt Like It – The Money Train Bandits [Album Review]

This Album was a good piece of art. From New Street in Edgewood, GA two brothers beat the odds of growing up in poverty. With no known musicians connected to there bloodline some say its pure talent mixed with their struggle, and some say its god giving talent but either way theres no denying that these two guys who have been penning bars since Slim(14) Kid(17). They have formed a chemistry thats about to be a big problem. The youngest two out of a total of eight siblings times was hard for them growing up in Edgewood and then Covington,Ga but if you ask them they will say “it made us who we are MoneyTrain Bandits”. Played this whole album to my friends and they were pleased with this project. This made me kinda feel like I was listening to some old Chinx Drugz… I love the samples they used on this album(My fav part). Definitely an album you can smoke to, ride to, & just chill to in general.. Truly a good piece of art. I Didn’t skip a song on the album & I’m still listening to it.. This might be a classic album. One of the best indie albums I’ve heard all year. Literally an album that you will enjoy listening to ANYWHERE. Some of my favorite joints on the album are “Dreaming”, “No Turning Back”, & ” Unbreakable ” just to name a few.. I ain’t gone lie, that intro was dope af too. This album definitely deserves you guys ears! Straight Sauce! Stream On Spotify Here!


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