A Pressure Rumors (Official Music Video)

I’ve watched this so many times, this shit really mean. A Money did his thing on this one. He still going off and on his grind as usual. He definitely addressing “RUMORS”…  He sauced on this bitch… Im rocking with this one.


Gettie – White Chalk (Official Music Video)

Gettie stillout here doing his thing. I heard about him recently through another person but did my homework on him and he fire. Im not too familiar with his work but he definitely be going in. This jawn was crazy right here. I didn’t know Gettie was gonna snap that. One my favorite new white rappers. Yall know I barely pay attention to white artists because its just different but Gettie something special. He saucing on this bitch.

Paparattzi Pop – Story To Tell (Official Music Video)

Here we go again! My guy Paparattzi Pop talking his shit again. If you don’t know Pop, you should. One of the best new rappers coming outta New York. When it comes to bars & shit talk he is definitely top 10 in his class. He dropped some good shit this year. He just wasn’t consistent at all. From where im sitting, 2019 Looking like Pop year if he stays consistent. If you ask me, I think he’s one of the most slept on artists coming outta Brooklyn. This jawn was hard all the way through. He did what he had to do as usual. You can tell he’s the type of artist that stands on what he say. Pop need more credit out here. He rep NY very well and he’s one of the best.. He saucing his way up! This that work!

A.E – Wit It

Coming straight outta Bedstuy Brooklyn rising artist A.E. has become a jack of all trades with his artistry. Mainly focused on his music career, A.E. has put out multiple projects with in the last 8 years. At the beginning of 2018, he dropped his first debut Album titled “The Broken Artist” available on all streaming platforms. Getting prepared to drop his 2nd album, A.E. is looking to take things to the next level, as far as traveling & setting up more out of town performances Fully focused on building his brand but the initial overall goal is being to change not only his but the life of anyone who’s apart of his journey. This jawn is dope right here. Off his recent EP ” No Deal “. Interested in seeing what he brings to table but he’s starting out well

Stay with him instagram.com/aeproductions & twitter.com/AE_Productions_


Aw man! This Track 🔥! I just scrolling through my IG & seen the clip for this vid and was like ” I gotta hear this shit “. This put my in my feelings a lil bit. This is definitely something that would set the hood off. Nothing but bars and realness through this whole jawn. Cam saucing his way up slowly. Im loving what he doing right now. This probably his best song yet. Definitely a new artist to watch for. Straight Sauce!

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