Suspect Jay – Vice City (Official Audio)

Suspect Jay got really on necks! Anxious to see what’s next after his lowkey banger Fentanyl & he comes with this highkey banger! One of the hottest artists coming out the underground. I’m rocking with this jawn heavy. He definitely making real rap look cool & sound great.  He was eating the whole time. He’s definitely worth a listen and more. Straight outta New York & he’s one of the best coming up.  This was dope Not your everyday shit and still fire. Jay sauced on this jawn.. New York got one with this. I’m here for it. Straight sauce right here! He just don’t stop with the sauce!


Splatt Tha Prints – Losin’ My Grip

Splatt Tha Prints is an upcoming artist from Central Square, New York. In 2017 he released his first project & performed at a few in and out of state shows. Splatt wind up Joining Smithson Records in 2018 and have been releasing music with them since December. Right now they have some visuals in the works, some cyphers & music videos on the way. The label releases a song every Friday and they are working on a joint album with all members. He’s not done though because he’s also working on his own Album. This joint pretty nice so I’m anxious to see what him and the team got coming..

Marvia Lawrence – Game Of Thrones

Marvia Lawrence is an upcoming artist from Alton, Illinois. He’s been at it since he was 17. Spending 8 years now perfecting the craft & delivery. Has has his own podcast called “Live on the Riverbend.” They can be found on Facebook & YouTube. He just dropped a collab album with some artists for valentines day back in February. His first solo EP coming out called ” Ready ” which should be dropping this summer. He applying pressure right now. Definitely hear his growth as an artist. He got some shit you can rock too. He trying to flood the gates right now already dropping multiple singles with this new joint & his single single called “Hard Times” on platforms! Game of Thrones definitely a must listen! Sauce!

Flex – E Dollar$ x Deembeez (Official Music Video)

Yup Yup, I’m rocking with this joint heavy. E-Dollar$ went off. I feel like he got one with this! I sat on this for a little bit but realized this had to hit the blog. Deembeez did his thing on this joint too. This whole song fire though. After I heard E-Dollar$ verse, I played it back from the beginning. E-Dollar$ really making a run for BEST rapper in Brooklyn. None of his songs sound the same. Two videos back to back that boy working!!  Looking forward to more heat from him. Word around is E-Dollar$ Whole Tape is Fire. Get familiar with the homie.. More sauce hitting the blog asap!

Neek Bucks & Lil Durk “Energy” (Official Music Video)

This Song Is STRAIGHT 🔥 🔥! I been waiting on this since I heard about it. Idk, I’ve been in a Neek Bucks type of mode all month! Just grinding and trying to stay consistent! The Harlem Rapper really saucing his way up. He just bodied the Power 105.1 Freestyle which is on the internet. This definitely what hip hop need. Durk hopped on this and went off. Durk really showing his worth now.I feel those old Lil Durk signed to the streets 1 & 2 vibes.  He been killing a lot of joints lately, from remixes to original joints. I don’t like singing rappers either but Durk kind of get away with it because he be talking that shit! Neek Bucks talk that hustle talk. Straight motivation music! This visuals to this joint is coming soon so stay tuned.. Neek Bucks got the sauce & he out here about to apply pressure on these guys! This hard asf period!

Drippy JuJu – Ella Tiene Novio

Drippy JuJu is an aspiring artist coming outta Springfield, Mass. He’s been rapping for a couple years but just started music seriously for a couple months. This joint right here is fire. Straight island vibes right here.. JuJu is currently working on some new music including a mixtape that’s coming very soon. I enjoyed this joint though. Anxious to see what type of sauce he cooking up for the project but this was definitely a good listen.

GoTrey – GoTrey Vol. 1

The homie GoTrey is a new artist Born in Savannah, GA. but relocated to Atlanta when he was young & started taking his craft seriously this year. So far this year, He dropped a mixtape + an EP Which is available on all digital platforms everywhere. GoTrey is currently working on GTV2 (GoTrey Vol. 2).. GoTrey Vol. 1 was his mixtape. He just been moving his music around building a buzz for his music & brand while doing shows weekly. 100% independent grind! He got some quality music out here. I peeped the first mixtape and it was pretty solid. I enjoyed it & one of my favorite joints on the tape is “Nike Man” which is now in my Spotify playlist. Make sure y’all on the look out for his first music video to one of his singles “Flex Talk”. He saucing his way up slowly. This was dope!

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