(Catch The Fade) – Black & Highly Favored

 Sir Tizzy (@sirtizzy09 on IG/Twitter), is a rising MC from Baltimore, Maryland. He’s originally from Parkville (Countyside) but currently residing in the City (“Ova East” LOL). He has a dope ass video out right now for the song “Vibe”, which is officially produced by AraabMuzik. His is a song off of his latest project, “Knight Shift” which is on the blog already. He’s in a duo, called “Catch The Fade” (@catchthefade16 on IG), with Ron” James” (@whoisronjames on IG/Twitter). They just released a joint project called “Black and Highly Favored” (or #BHF), which is type fire! You know I had to run my pretty little ears through this & I wasn’t disappointed at all. The intro was nice + my joints are “Everything You Can’t Be”, “Low Mileage”, & “O.D.P.T”. I ran this back after the first listen. Solid all the way through. Tizzy already said he’s gonna be posting more vlogs and funny stuff on YouTube soon. They saucing they way up the ranks slowly… Stream their new project ” Black and Highly Favored ” now on Spotify here!


BDX The Don – Don Dada

The homie BDX the Don is an unsigned artist coming outta PG County, Maryland. He’s been rapping/taking music seriously for about a year and a half now. He used to just freestyle, but when everybody was telling him he had something special, so it was time he start to rap for real. BDX been putting in work since he started. Getting his music on the radio, big performances (College, Clubs, etc) plus he’s been on a TV series. Doing it all on his own too! Everything accomplished was all him. This year he dropping a project called “King of Hearts,” it’s about his experiences while traveling the country. Videos will be dropping for that project to push it forward so make sure you on the look out this year. It will be a great one💯. Im rocking with this joint right here. The Homie BDX got a pretty decent catalog of music. Its a few saucy joints in the catalog like “When Do You Want It”, & “Kardashians”. He be talking his talk fr! More sauce on the way so you know I’m anxious to see/hear what’s next! This joint “Don Dada” is dope asf. A must listen! Straight sauce!

Loeki Da Prince – Buss It Down

Loeki Da Prince is an upcoming artist outta Pickens County, Alabama. He’s been doing music for the past 10 years, but has been taking it seriously the last 4 years. Loeki got a mixtape on the way Called “THE PRINCE OF THE CITY” & its full of sauce so stay tuned in. He’s working on having an album released by August titled “ROLLING 2 RICHES”. Extremely versatile artist that can adjust to whatever you give him. Loeki Da Prince is doing shows all through Alabama just looking to takeover the south which he is doing slowly but sure. This joint wouldn’t have made it to the blog if it wasn’t hot. Loeki been saucing his way up. He got some heat fr! This jawn straight sauce. More sauce is coming very soon, so eat this up!


Stream his single ” Buss Down ” On Spotify! That Sauce!

Da Baby Next Song Remix – La’Greg (Official Music Video)

Aww mann! I’m high right now and while I was just scrolling & I came up on this. This jawn hard! Stop sleeping on bro foreal. He doing his thing coming outta East-side St.Louis & this joint proves he on they ass. La’Greg straight sauced on this joint. Had to play it back a few times still playing it back. This probably is one of the hottest joints on the blog. Once i seen the Da Baby Remix you know the rest. I see, I click, I like & it’s a go off from there. You gotta be hot touching this. This going in the playlist. He got more music coming. He really in the trenches not just talking about it. Salute to my guy for this! #SauceUp2x

Rah Swish x Curly Savv – Exposing Me Remix (22Gz Diss) (Official Music Video)

Nobody can beat FBG Duck & Roogas exposing me remix but this one was fire too 🔥. They been dropping heat for some years now especially Rah Swish. Bro been making some moves behind the scenes, (Label stuff & all). Ain’t gonna lie, Curly definitely was missed for a little bit because i remember when he was on fire. Him & Dah Dah kinda had the streets almost at one point until some beef started. This definitely about to get Curly name clout again & Rah stay with heat no words. If Curly talking hot, you know the track about to slap something serious because Curly don’t always entertain the beef 😤. I heard he got caught lacking but its all hear say for now. Came for Rah Swish but stayed for Curly Savv 💪💪💯💯🔥 & it’s safe to say HE’S BACK! When Cuz said, “Folks in the spliff and it smelled like it farted” oh my god lol. This joint heavy! That sauce!

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