Apex Vadeor & Concrete Prophet – Eternity(Prod. by Young Taylor)

 I think this is gonna be good year for these guys. I’m feeling this jawn “Eternity”. They be giving off vibes with the music. They saucing their way up slowly. I covered them last year. This song is dope on more than one level. Like I told  y’all before, They usually compose music as a team due to the progressive results. Concrete & Apex most known for their provocative language, edgy punchlines, distinctive, and diverse sounds. You can definitely hear it in this track. They rarely write lyrics because they enjoy the process of improvisation + freestyling. Concrete Prophet & Apex Vadeor are cooking up some sauce this year. Anxious to see how they maneuver through 2019! Stay with them on IG: @apexvadeor & @prophetpicasso.


Suspect Jay – Dawg (Official Music Video)

Jay another one! This really a banger right here. Real shit from the core. I fuck with this jawn heavy. New York got the streets when it comes to music. So many people sleep on the artists that’s coming up because these other cats putting out bullshit. This some real shit right. He be talking his shit & it make sense. Definitely an artist to watch this year! I covered him before when he went off the the old jawn. He representing real hip hop. He sauced on this. This It. Pay attention!

Mr. Bailey Baby – Flex

Mr. Bailey Baby did his thing on this jawn. Coming straight outta from Columbus Ohio. His music is like a burst of energy based on the perspective of hustler & motivational speaker. His brand Mr. Bailey Baby’s consists of T Shirt Jeans, and other Items he designs. He got alot of unreleased sauce that will be coming to the blog this year. Anxious to see the moves he make to position himself but the music is there. He be cooking up fire. His catalogue is pretty decent. He’s currently building a website to operate online and worldwide…. More Music will be coming from him soon! but this that work!

S.Dot – Nah Fr (Official Music Video )

HE IS SO UNDERRATED!!! Its 2019 & My guy Dotarachi still out here going off! Once again S.Dot comes with the heat. One of the most underrated man out Chicago. Durk should of been put on S.Dot before Von. Dot got the best flow outta the chi besides Durk. I know he gonna be dropping heat all year! Im here for it. Bro got the sauce!. This that work!

Rah Swish – Changing up ( Official Music Video )

My Guy Rah Swish starting off the year right with this one.. I been listening to him for awhile now and i think he need to start applying pressure soon which he will hopefully. One of my favorite new artists coming outta New York. He don’t get enough credit for his work. If him or Jeezy Mula don’t become global this year then something is really wrong with America.😭😭 This jawn way heavy though! Straight Sauce!

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