Composed of four emcees Sky God, Keash, Aimless and Doberman, NU GODZ have just dropped the 2nd video off their brand new NU GODZ EP (which dropped November 26) and sets the tone for their spaced out alt-rap vibe! While the group is still experimenting with its sound and exploring a richContinue Reading

Buffalo, NY native Saint Soprano releases visuals for “Running Out Of Time.” The single is taken from his ‘Crossroads’ album. The esteemed Hip Hop artist uses potent lyricism along with unbending emotions to capture what it’s like being raised in a city of crime. Over an innovative blend of strikingContinue Reading

Version 1.3.110: Full version installer Full version ZIP archive Version 1.3.110: Full version Version 1.3.110: Full version Three Seconds’ Symphony by Tommy Inkila Fasten Me by Scenery Channel American Radio by Rusty Jaz MotorFunk When I’m Ready by M-Halo More… Front page About the game Screenshots News Changelog World ChartsContinue Reading

Prepare for an intensely graphic interview conducted by Sam Paul Gene Tomas, one on one with Bunny Rabbit. He opens up about Dr. EnQi and Brother Polight feuds and more. Proceed with caution… Sam: Peace my name is Sam. How should I address you for this interview? Bunny: Bunny Rabbit Continue Reading